Learning Concepts of Maths at a Supermarket

Have you ever noticed your child getting bored of studying Maths? Well, you can try a new technique to teach them Maths. Bring them to a Supermarket to learn Maths in any of the malls in Dubai. It might sound quite strange to you at first, but it turns out to be a great idea when executed properly.

As much as studying from the notebooks is important, it is also important to develop a practical understanding. So, next time when you plan to go for grocery shopping take your child along, of course after the pandemic is over. Real-life tasks can make learning Maths a better experience!

Add to Cart

You can suggest your child to calculate all the items in your cart and count the total amount. This will improve their math skills. You can purposely add more items and then remove them later. Ask them to then subtract the extra items. This will seem like a challenge to them but they will get used to it and become good at Maths. Even IB schools in UAE/GCC and other parts of the world, have scheduled field visits to encourage on-ground studies and ready children for the outside world.

Choose the Items

When you’re busy choosing the items, give the entire list of items to your child along with the prices and ask them to choose the item which falls within the allocated range. It will give them enough time to compare it and improve their budgeting skills. You can also give them an item which is beyond the range and ask them to instead opt for an alternate item.

Ask them to Multiply

Hand over 3-4 invoices to them from different times when you went grocery shopping and ask them to multiply it. You can also buy the same items but from different brands and ask your child to compare them. After comparing, ask them which brand gives the same product at a lesser price.

Give them Coupons

Many supermarkets run offers like 50% – 70% off and many such offers are valid frequently. So, this can be a great opportunity for you to put your child’s knowledge to work and evaluate how much they’ve learnt. You should ask them to calculate the percentages and check the results.

Tell them your Budget

You should discuss your budget with your child and give them a calculator. Let them make a list of items that have to be bought, by telling them your requirements. Further, let them use a calculator and make a list according to the budget. Explain to them why budgeting is important and how a household is run on fixed monthly budget.

Collection of Change

Let your child collect the change by calculating it. They can go and ask for the amount of change that has to be taken by subtracting it from the total amount. For example, if the amount is 300 dirhams then give your child 500 dirhams and ask them to collect the change. This way, they can do the math and collect the change from the cashier. Children develop a sense of responsibility and become confident every time they are assigned a task and are able to complete it successfully.

Ask them to Help you

Weigh Inform your child how much the fruits and vegetables weigh and tell them the quantity you want. Further, ask them to buy a certain amount of weight, for example, 1 dozen banana. So, they have to estimate how many bananas will come in a dozen and this will teach them the basics of quantity properly.

However, due to the current pandemic there is no option but to stay indoors. So, we recommend you to make the most of the Mathletics platform which aims to make learning maths interesting through its online programs. They have designed programmes for different age group students and quite a few parents in the Middle East find it beneficial to use this tool. Students even get detailed reviews of the tasks that are assigned to them. It will teach and train them on various math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun-filled way.

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