Why are Action Songs Important for Pre-schoolers

If your child falls under the pre-school age group and you’re struggling to teach them about different colors, animals, continents, planets, parts of the body, etc. then your go-to solution to make your child’s learning experience much better is through introducing them to action songs. It will be a fun-filled experience for your child while having a great amount of knowledge to grasp.

A lot of preschool teachers across the Middle East, including Dubai, GCC and many other countries believe that action songs can be extremely impactful and beneficial for children to increase their vocabulary and drive-down concepts. As with time, children tend to get invested in listening to action songs for an improved learning experience.

Are you confused about what action songs are exactly? Well, they are songs or nursery rhymes with sing-song phrases and movements. This is a smart method to make children learn words, numbers, poems, colors, animals, etc. Children can easily remember anything that they enjoy. And nobody ever gets bored of rhymes with music! Learning action songs has a lot of benefits. From improving coordination to being able to follow directions, there are numerous benefits of action songs which is why they are important for pre-schoolers.

Here are some of the benefits enlisted for your knowledge:

Better Coordination

Action songs can improve your child’s hand-eye coordination as while they are learning the song, they are also acting it out. So, this is a great way to improve your child’s physical movement and muscle coordination. You can also try to encourage your child by cheering up and clapping for them. This will rid them of their shyness.

Follow Directions

Ever went through the pain of repeating your instruction a lot of times to make your child listen to you? Well, at some point in life all parents have been there. However, action songs make it easier for your child to listen to instructions. So, next time you can rhyme your request into a song and voila, your child will listen to you.

Improves Creativity

After your child listens to action songs it encourages them to try something new, which tends to improve creativity. When your child is listening to action songs, they feel calm and creativity starts flowing. They might want to draw, paint or simply write something out-of-the-box which goes a long way in releasing emotional catharsis and provides an outlet to develop creative expression at an early age.

Boosts Self-confidence

Children tend to feel shy very often. Especially, in front of people, they don’t know. However, action songs make them sing in front of other children and teachers. This not only makes them feel good about themselves over time but also boosts their confidence. They overcome their fears and learn to build healthy relationships with fellow classmates.

Helps in Academics

Many schools in UAE suggest parents make their child listen to action songs to learn new things from their educational material. Action songs can help preschoolers remember important details from the curricula such as colors of a rainbow, number of tentacles that an octopus has, and the sides in a hexagon, etc. Your child will be able to recall the educational material easily by listening to action songs.

Develops a love for music

Action songs are engaging and fun. They tend to make children love music. Slowly, with time your child will develop and have a taste in music. There are a variety of action songs too. For example, “If You’re Happy and You Know it”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” is very different from “I Can Be a Kangaroo” but children choose what they like more according to their preference.

Isn’t it unbelievable the amount of benefits that action songs have? So, now you know why action songs are essential for pre-schoolers.

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