Age-appropriate Puzzles for Kids: A Good Brain-boosting Experience

Are you planning to buy a puzzle set for your kid? If yes, then don’t have any second thoughts. There are some enormous benefits of buying puzzle for your kid. Schools in Middle East including Dubai, UAE, and many other countries recommend purchasing puzzle for preschoolers, as well as elementary-school goers, as it has many benefits. After all, if these benefits will help your child in developing his/her skills, increase memory-power and improve alertness, then you shouldn’t think too much about getting a puzzle.

Here are the benefits that kids earn by solving puzzles-

Learn Quickly

Puzzles tend to help children grasp and learn quickly. You might wonder, “How is that possible?” Well, to answer your question – when your kid tries to figure out how to make the puzzle, they tend to look at the bigger picture and this helps them understand and learn things quickly.

Increases Creativity

Whenever you notice your child feeling bored or wanting to try something new, you can give them a puzzle set and set a timer for fun. They will not just find it interesting but it also increases creativity as your child looks for different ways to make the puzzle.

Solves Problems

Joining puzzles helps your child, to learn problem-solving at an early age. As they tend to look for ways to solve the puzzle by connecting all the pieces one-by-one. This makes them subconsciously aware of problem-solving and how to not give-up easily.

Teaches Patience

Solving puzzles is likely to teach your kid to stay patient and it helps them understand that there’s no point in rushing or being impatient unnecessarily. It also develops their memory. Patience helps children control their emotions and instead spend their energy on more productive pursuits.

Helps in Coordination

Another plus point of joining puzzle pieces together is that it helps your child in hand and eye coordination. As they immerse themselves into the puzzle, the brain develops better understanding of spatial awareness, at the same time. Thus, it results in better coordination and turns out to be helpful.

Puzzles have a wide range of variety available. So, you can choose your child’s favorite cartoon character like Tom and Jerry or any other Animal Puzzles to teach them about the categorization of animals into domestic, wild, and farm that exist. You can also pick number puzzles and alphabet puzzles.

There are puzzles designed for all age-group children and they differ in the level of proficiency from beginner to intermediate. For 3-6-year-old kids, puzzles are very easy and designed on a basic level because they are just learning and have started to discover about jigsaw pieces. There are basic puzzles on shapes, pattern or letters for this age group as they are still learning.

For 6-9-year-olds the level is slightly challenging but it’s not too difficult. They might take a while to get used to it. With time and practice, your child will learn to freely rotate and join the puzzles. It might seem difficult at first but they will love to solve it once they start understanding how it’s done. There are math puzzles, pyramid puzzles, etc. for this age group children.

The degree of solving puzzles varies from child to child. So, if your child is new to the world of puzzles then try not to pressurize them and let me develop a good amount of understanding to solve the puzzle first. Once the child develops an understanding, they can even solve 250-300 pieces puzzle easily. It’s just a matter of time and level of proficiency. From problem-solving to hand-eye coordination, puzzles help in developing major skills. It’s definitely worth purchasing for your child.

Reading Eggs is a popular brand that sells reading books, workbooks, book bundles and puzzles available in GCC and all over the Middle East. They are all designed by experienced educators to help children improve their skills. They have alphabet puzzles for beginners and puzzle books that include rhyming puzzles for children who are more experienced in solving them.

So, are you ready to sign up for a fun-filled experience for your child? If yes, then look no further because this is the best purchase that you will ever make. You can check out Reading Egg’s website and place your order.

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