Gearing Children to Being Green Champions of Tomorrow

Renewable and green technology has made great advancements in the past decade. From batteries that can store more energy to renewable energy extractions that are far more efficient have been created. This technological development has happened at a time where paying heed to the earth’s environment has become more important than ever. So naturally, helping young students develop a deeper understanding of the matter at hand and its solution has become pivotal for our planet’s future.

Schools and institutions across the globe have begun teaching their young students about renewable energy and the ways it can improve how we consume energy as a civilization. Schools across the Middle East in the UAE and other urban landscapes such as Dubai have adopted ways in which young students can be introduced to such ideas.

LEGO® Education aims to play an important role in this development and shift of priorities in technology. The LEGO® Education Renewable Energy Add-on Set helps young students think critically and ideate in the domain of renewable energy. Young students using the resources and instructions of the kit and the curriculum grow a deeper and more useful understanding of the concepts.

The kit enables learners to develop the following scientific practices:

Asking the right questions

What are the biggest benefits of deeply understanding the concept, is that it allows the children to ask the right questions when it comes to renewable energy and various sources that it is derived from! And as history is evidence, asking the right questions leads to the right solutions. Practically learning and creating models of renewable energy extraction enable the students to develop an innate curiosity towards the subject, further strengthening their knowledge.

Developing models and investigating

The LEGO® Education renewable energy kit enables students to learn from creating models that are representations of real-life problems faced in the energy sector. With hands-on learning the students can investigate and further develop ideas that we as adults know, thus forming the base of their knowledge in energy and renewable sources. Even Saudi Arabia which is a part of the GCC countries announced the ‘Middle East Green Initiative’ to fight climate change, under the guidance of Crowned Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Practically learning also makes the subject of renewable energy interesting to young students by giving them engagement along with intellectual stimulation. Engaging the students in scientific and engineering investigation also allows their scientific temperament to develop and prosper at a young age.

Analyzing data and mathematics

Practical experiments in the real-world lead to data that is used to develop further technology. The kit stimulates exactly this process with the help of practical learning and allows children to calculate and further understand their readings. This solidifies their understanding of the subject with the help of learning that is applicable in the real world and only scaled down for the understanding, but not dumbed down. The mathematics involved in processing data and computing readings from their kids allows the students to be practiced with the mathematics involved in creating such models in the real world, gearing them up for future scientific endeavors.

Creatively solving problems

Scientific advancement requires the most creativity in terms of any field out there. This kit enables the student to practice and exercise the right brain muscle. Helping students develop knowledge and to help them creatively solve real-world problems through scientific innovation is the goal of this kit. With various models to experiment with, the students learn with example and with practice. The curriculum allows learners to craft explanations for general scientific phenomena while also being able to look at them with the ability to solve problems that exist.

Engaging in discussions of science

When the class works with multiple projects at the same time trying to find the best solution to the problem, students arrive at different solutions that they think are appropriate. This develops the student’s ability to argue for their ideas. And also helps simulate the real world where scientific experiments and information is exchanged and verified by peers. This collaboration of engineering and scientific endeavors is what leads to the development of technology at large. Right from design to operation and data, students can discuss and arrive at solutions that satisfies the problem at hand, giving the scientific endeavor of theirs meaning beyond only the learning.

This renewable energy kit by LEGO® Education aims to work with young students in developing the fundamental understanding of renewable energy while also developing a scientific temperament that goes deeper than knowledge and information. The kit includes; six main model activities and five complete instruction manuals to build, that help them develop critical thinking in developing engineering and design solutions.

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