How Mathletics Supports Educational Institutions who wish to Upgrade to a New Way of Learning!

Mathletics is an engaging online math program created and designed for hybrid classrooms and home learning. It is a modern way of learning maths. Now doesn’t that sound fascinating already? We bet, it does.

As we keep transforming with time, it is also important to improve and adapt to newer ways of learning. So, while studying maths could have been boring, Mathletics is here to introduce students to a new way of learning the subject. Its reward-based model motivates Math learners to be better at numbers and calculations each day. Math enthusiasts even get a chance to earn the coveted title of ‘Mathlete of the Week’. This certificate of achievement is a validation to the student’s hard work and undeterred dedication.

Educators across the Middle East including GCC and Dubai, integrate Mathletics into their teaching plan. Mathletics is popular amongst all age-groups and its knowledge bank showcases age-appropriate video tutorials designed by Math experts.

The interest levels and pace of learning of every student is also taken into consideration under the Mathletics program. The class teacher is free to assign tasks as per the child’s readiness, to avoid demotivating students who can’t keep pace with others in school. While the remaining lot of nerdy geniuses can proceed to more challenging problems as per the instructions given by their teacher. This gives a proper structure to the subject and children progress from easy level, to the more difficult tasks, in a systematic manner.

If you are a teacher, then this new go-to approach to teach maths will surely make teaching- learning fun and well-defined. The three major reasons that drive teachers to choose Mathletics are as follows; it saves time with lesson planning, it provides curriculum-aligned activities and it helps in understanding the progress of each student in class.

Many parents in UAE and worldwide have been opting for Mathletics. Students can even choose a new avatar for their panel’s background look every time they learn. Thanks for Mathletics, students never complain about being bored and are always up for the next Math challenge. This makes it intriguing for them to attend Math classes and pay attention to what is being taught in school, as they may have to plan a strategy for their next Math assignment in order to beat their fellow classmates and probably earn the Golden Bar.

Age-appropriate Learning Through Game Play on Mathletics

There is Play Paws for 3-6-year old’s which helps to gain an understanding of numbers, addition and subtraction strategies. Students are rewarded with gold stars when they manage to solve most problems accurately.

Magic mentors is for 4-8-year-olds that consists of animated videos and real-world locations that students find engaging. Children make art and play games while learning about numbers, measurements & geometry skills in an engaging and relatable way.

Numbeanies is also for 4-8-year-olds. It uses the Game Box and digital flashcards for introducing concepts in a smarter way. Students learn to investigate number collections – using Augment Reality (AR) technology to bring numbers to life.

Rainforest Maths is designed for 3-12-year-old students and it is like a digital quiz in an adventurous way that tests how much the student is able to understand and learn. There are over 200 activities which are presented in a vivid rainforest setting along with interesting creatures.

There is also Maths A-Z Dictionary for 3-18-year-old students. It’s an interactive math dictionary and library to recall definitions more clearly with the help of audio and visual support.

Multiverse is for 6-10-year-old students. It challenges students and tests their multiplication knowledge. They have to navigate, survive and thrive in a Multiverse story by using their skills.


These are the numerous concepts that have been designed in Mathletics by a team of experts by keeping different age groups of students in mind. These concepts don’t just sound fun and seem to be interesting but really work well for students and help them in growing and developing their Math skills.

Mathletics has received a lot of Awards from different industries and institutions. Spring 2019 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award (USA), International Digital Educational Resource (UK) and many more such awards were given to Mathletics, are just a few feathers in their hat.

Mathletics is highly recommended from not just institutions but also teachers, and parents. According to feedback from a Maths professor, “The biggest classroom impact I have noticed is that students who are below year level now have plenty of opportunities to develop those core basic skills in maths, while my advanced students can excel and explore a variety of new topics.”

Another testimonial from a Math educator, “I love the versatility, I can use it to teach a lesson or a concept, then turn around and assign the students an activity relating to that concept and further reinforce it with an activity from the e-books. Great for a class that approaches maths from a wide variety of angles.”

Well, if the professionals are saying then you should definitely give Mathletics a try. Your child might love learning Maths the new way!

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