Secure Payment Gateway for Smart Schools

Education has been able to evolve with the rapid advancements in technology, and that has given birth to a number of smart schools. Now smart schools all across the globe with technology to make the learning experience better and more effective for the students. What if we told you it can be better for the school management and administration as well? Technology can and is making the experience for school management and administrators across the globe and here’s how Next Learning Platform is making it happen.

The Next Learning platform is not just a solution to digitize learning for the students but is a tool to digitize all the school’s operations and processes. The cloud-based solution integrates planning and delivery of teaching content with administrative processes of the school, making it a hassle free and streamlined experience. With the fee management module, Next Learning Platform integrates the payment management also into this great eco-system.

The benefits of it are:

Simplifying payment and ease of setup

Payment gateways have a single job to do; delivery error free operation. Since the Next Learning Platform is a complete ecosystem, the payment gateway through the fee management module is able to integrate well with existing systems and operations. Giving the seamless transition and operation a payment gateway requires. The Next Learning Platform also provides end-to-end assistance and guidance in setting up and management of the module. Digitising payment of fees makes it a hassle-free experience for the guardians by providing a one-stop solution, while also being a tool for the administration for its ease of usage and management.

Easy to use for users

The interface of the Next Learning Platform is designed to be user friendly. With the cloud-based system that can be accessed at the user’s convenience at any time and place, the platform creates a seamless user experience for payment and fee management. This ensures a high value experience and eliminates any fraudulent or malicious activities. The tracking mechanisms created for the platform also help keep a continuous track on the fees and its management of the payment.


A digitized payment platform allows a greater degree of transparency in the payment mechanisms of the smart school and enables the institution to maintain its standards of conduct. All the parties involved in the institutions are able to be involved with greater efficiency when such a degree of transparency is maintained. Since all transactions are linked to a unique ID, that is further linked to transaction details and other information regarding the fee and payment mechanisms. The same unique ID is also used to create a receipt for the payments made, completing the cycle of the transaction, all while maintaining a high degree of transparency.

Access to guardians or parents

The digitized system ensures there are multiple login accesses to the system, which I turn gives parents and guardians of the students direct access. This role-based access system allows the parent or guardian to make payments seamlessly on the same platform, either via the website or even the mobile application.

Data security

The encrypted payment gateway makes fee payment safe. The PCI DSS compliant gateway ensures the industry standards of payment gateway is maintained. Bringing the school’s administration to the safest alternative in online payments.

The Next Learning Platform’s payment gateway integration in school management software enables the school to be completely digitized. Right from content delivery to management and even fee management, all of it gets taken care of with the software. With the current global situation, several schools across the Middle East have digitized in places like Dubai, GCC, and other cities in the UAE.

Having an integrated payment system doesn’t just make the operations easier but also makes the experience friendly for the parents and guardians of the students of a smart school. In turn helping the school be more technology driven and more up to date with the current times.

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