Building the Mighty TechnoROBOT-II – An Empowering Approach to Adapt STEM Learning in Schools

Education Programs that are based taking into consideration the current demands and complexities of the 21st Century are more suitable for the young learners today. Worldwide there has been a revolution in the Education system, where the old methods of teaching & obsolete syllabus are replaced by the STEM approach. Wondering what STEM is? STEM is an approach to innovative education program which prepares students to enter the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the future.

ROBOTICS supports the students’ development by practicing creation, design, assembly, and operation of Robots. Robotics also develops problem-solving capacities in students, as children have to use their knowledge to arrive at calculations and computation to derive the correct programming language.

What is TechnoROBOT II?

TechnoROBOT-II by TechnoKids encourage children to bring creative ideas to life. It teaches children to be problem solving heroes of tomorrow by offering an immersive platform to demonstrate their skills. Schools across the Middle East, UAE, GCC, and Dubai incorporate Robotics lessons into their curriculum, thanks to TechnoKids age-appropriate custom curriculum for educational institutions. Many schools also run the ‘robotics clubs’ as an after-school program focusing on teaching children the basics of electronics & coding.

Integrating fun robotics sessions into STEM program requires well-designed affordable Kits with tools that support in constructing the robot and resources that come handy to the educator. Therefore, TechnoKids delivers kits that have built-in lesson plans and pre-scheduled calendars to follow a sequential approach to teaching Robotics and a mechanism to assess the learners understanding on the subject.


Here’s what you can expect from the TechnoROBOT-II Curriculum:

  • Design and build a sporty Robot that is capable of playing a game or two of football.
  • An in-depth study of STEM principals that is not limited to theoretical learning.
  • Hands-on practice & project work with peers expands the child’s horizons.
  • Participate in as many as six different multi-faceted engineering projects.
  • Develop a knack for testing robots, identifying pain-points and applying trouble-shooting strategies to advance to the next stage of constructing.
  • Putting life into the Robot by giving it mobility requires the understanding of motors, sensors, and programming.
  • Applying the principals of gear ratio, speed, torque, to achieve the desired speed of movable machines.

The TechnoROBOT-II Kit opens a plethora of opportunities packed in one box consisting of 653 parts including 1 motherboard, LEDs, motors, and various sensors (touch sensor, infrared sensor, and CDs sensor). When the program commences, students start with building simple Robots with single function. As the understanding grows, they proceed to complex coding and build prototypes that are capable of processing multiple instructions at once. Some Models built by students using the TechnoROBOT-II Kits are; Snake, Off Loader, Battle Robot 2, Clean Bot, and many more.

Some of the impressive features that come loaded in the TechnoRobot-II Kit are:

  • Construct multiple Robots using one kit
  • All-encompassing GUI software to enable the language of programming
  • Six-sided blocks for easy construction & connectivity
  • Durable metallic components
  • All the different sizes of screws & bolts come with the box
  • Autonomous remote control for giving commands to Robot
  • Globally acclaimed curriculum based on STEM

Here’s how students benefit from enrolling for the TechnoROBOT-II ‘robot club ’ program:

  • The Kit allows construction at different stages of difficulty levels that makes TechnoROBOT-II truly versatile. It offers flexibility to learners who are trying their hands on building their very first Robots, as well as those who consider themselves to be experienced coding geniuses.
  • Students of different age groups can use the same kit to build Robots with different levels of complexities.
  • The curriculum is designed to culminate a strong foundation of basic concepts of coding & computing before the student is ready to venture by himself.
  • As the learner becomes more confident with the tools & techniques of Robotics, he is given the freedom to apply the lessons and showcase creativity through project work.
  • Project-based modules teach children important lessons on engineering & design in a hands-on manner.
  • Regular challenges are held to induce the spirit of competition amongst classmates.
  • Helps children become expert problem-solves & face any difficulty heads-on.

We have seen how useful the TechnoROBOT-II kit is. However, the idea is not as much to teach children about machines & programming, as it is to inculcate the right skills in them. By working on engineering projects in school, one learns how to cope with day-to-day life, be creative, and work in a team.

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