Make learning in classrooms interesting by using 3D printing Models

3D printing. A few decades ago, it would be science fiction if people said that objects could be printed just at the click of a button. And yet we have come further and beyond our own imaginations with the development of 3D and the growing accessibility of the technology. From being a tool only for science, 3D printing and the very modern 3D printers have now become more accessible and usable than ever. Mayku works on this very mission. By making the FormBox, Mayku has made 3D printing tech compact and simple enough for anybody to use. Mayku believes that everyone should have the freedom to create, and the FormBox is a splendid tool for it.

Teaching with 3D printing comes with its own advantages and some of them are:

Inspiring creation:

3D printing is a tool for creativity and inspires students to use the technology to critically think and provide a solution for real world problems and requirements. Building something from scratch can really be inspiring to students, while also building their understanding in concepts from their root. Using 3D printing enables students to take interest in designing objects too, which then in turn is a great learning curve for all concepts. 3D printers being a versatile tool help the creative students transition into inventors and innovators. Given the right tools and guidance, all students have the capacity to build and create new things, that they not only enjoy, but also learn a great deal from.

Increases engagement:

Various media have been used so far to make the learning experience better and it only improves with time. And this much emphasis is placed on the engagement of the student because that determines the quality of information retained by the student. 3D printers with their literal added dimension in information, enable students to understand things, while keeping the process highly engaging. Since the process is also creative, the student builds a multi-level understanding of the concepts. And at the end of the day, isn’t it really fun to see something being created from nothing?!

Problem solving:

3D printing has been used by scientists and engineers for decades now. And they use this tech to solve real world problems, with elegant solutions. Putting the same technology in the hands of the young students, enables them to participate in this grand effort. It also is a highly required push towards scientific temperaments in young students, helping not just the student, but the society at large. A brain occupied with solving the problems of the planet, is a brain being used well right? And the problems really help students unfold their minds and explore their depths of information to critically think, work towards a solution and execute it.

Everything is hands-on (Literally):

Teaching your students about the human heart? They can now see an anatomically accurate structure of it. Want to show how an engine works, show it on a 3D working model. The possibilities for hands-on learning are endless with 3D printed models. All things are easier to explain when you can show them directly to your students. No concepts are then alien to their minds, as all can be seen through a real representation of the world, rather than a 2D function of it. Concepts and ideas are then tangible and learning is made simpler than it ever was.

3D printers are not a new technology by any means and they have been around for multiple decades but this time it is accessible and usable by even young students from schools. This in-turn brings the wide applications and understanding of the technology to teachers and students alike, further improving the quality of information shared in schools, and how the students adapt to it. Several urban schools in the Middle East from cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, GCC, UAE and so on have welcomed the technology in school, and the trend is only going to follow.

Using 3D models is simply the next step in teaching the students with media, but this time the medium is also tactile, and very usable by the students. And the added benefit that a 3D printer in your school would make it the coolest school in town!

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