Raising a Generation of Logical Thinkers By Practicing Programming

Logical thinking is an important trait of programming. Individuals who possess logical thinking can analyze problems and derive the right solution for the problems. Logical thinking is not only important for programming but it is also useful in our lives where you need to get a solution for an occurring problem.

Individuals should have the following characteristics of logical thinking in programming.

  1. Observe the situation.
  2. Analyze the information provided for a task.
  3. Study the information to figure out if it is related to a task.
  4. Outline ideas and break them into plans.
  5. Focus on facts.
  6. Develop solutions to problems considering the facts.
  7. Pay keen attention to details.
  8. Test the effectiveness of the solution, take feedback and revise it.

Now that we all know how important logical thinking is for programming and life in general. It doesn’t mean that all of us are given this quality by birth, we have to learn and work on the skill to make the best use of it. Here is how you can build and improve your logical thinking.

Think To Solve

The purpose of programming is to provide solutions for the problems. To get the solutions you need to understand the problem and think of the solution as only you can come up with an accurate solution for the problems you want to solve. Once you know the solution you need to divide it into smaller parts and work on them to get the desired output on it.


As we all know practice can bring the best results. Practice is the only trait that can make us master any skill. So, try to practice already written algorithms to get an idea of how a solution for a problem is formulated as algorithms by including a step by step procedure to solve a problem. Once you start studying algorithms you will build logical thinking and will be able to write your algorithms too. To make your practice fun and meaningful check the TechnoKids subscription available all over GCC, Middle East, UAE and Dubai for easy and fast learning

Learn About Data Structures

Data structures and algorithms are the key elements of programming. Now that you know how to write algorithms, study the data structures as these are the fundamentals of programming. Once you learn all the data structures available you will have a better understanding of which data structure to be used and you will be one step ahead in programming

Play Games

What if I say playing games improve your logical thinking, sounds cool right? Yes, many games force us to think logically like chess, sudoku and puzzles. So, the easy way to enhance your logical thinking is to play such games daily. TechnoKids presents fun games like TechnoWiz and TechnoLogo to teach youngsters the basics of coding.

Learn Programming Paradigms

Learning the programming paradigms will boost your logical thinking. There are several paradigms available but the most common and useful is object-oriented programming. Once you have your hands-on experience in this you will be able to create solutions for any problem using your logical thinking. TechnoKids subscription includes basic to advanced programming lessons for kids to learn every step of programming available all over GCC, Middle East, UAE and Dubai.

Look and study other’s code

We all agree that there is only one solution for a problem but there are possibly hundreds of ways to write a program for that one solution. Every programmer will think in their own ways depending on their logical ability so try and study other programmer’s code to better your skills. The best way to do so is to subscribe to TechnoKids subscription which has several codes to study and brush up on your programming skills.

Code challenges

As challenges bring out the best in us. Do participate in different challenges and competitions to test yourself on creating solutions, apply your logical thinking and come up with an optimal way of programming for it. The Technohub features of TechnoKids subscription will provide you with a platform to participate in code challenges more often to polish your skills with every challenge available all over GCC, MIddle East, UAE and Duba.

Read Books And Solve Examples

Reading programming books can make your basics strong and serve you with a variety of solutions, code and algorithms for a particular solution. Understanding the solutions and optimally solving them will increase your confidence and refine your logical thinking. You can check the accurate examples in Technokids subscription to make this easy for your children and any beginner.

Clean Code

Clean code embodies a better understanding of algorithms and logic behind the code. How clean the code is that simple, accurate the programming will be required for the solution. It will not only be easy for you to write programs but for other users to be able to understand and learn. However, to write a clean code you need to brush up your skills daily, this may sound a bit difficult for you but here is a tip for you. Try the TechnoKids subscription sessions and step by step procedure explained and keep practising with them.

Design Patterns

Design patterns suggest all the possible solutions for a problem and give you a clear understanding of the solution. Having prior knowledge of programming paradigms and design patterns will help you to solve logical thinking while programming for a solution.

I hope you know how to level up your logical thinking in programming now. To make this journey for your kids or you as a beginner I suggest “Techno kids subscription (5-15 years old) available all over GCC, Middle East, UAE and Dubai. The subscription will make you understand basics and advance your programming by providing step by step coaching at your speed of understanding and encourage you to be better by providing challenges and tasks on a daily basis.

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