A Revolutionary Game Changer with the Introduction to LEGO® Play

We are all familiar with the famous LEGO® play kits. Children find it intriguing to open a box full of colourful blocks & bricks and get to job right away. Young pre-schoolers have vivid imagination and are always seeking an outlet to express themselves. LEGO® kits provide an excellent opportunity for children to present their creativity and have fun while doing so.

Did you know the word ‘LEGO’ was derived from two Danish words ‘leg’ & godt’ which means ‘play well’. Now that is quite an apt name for an asset like LEGO®.

Time and again parents have witnessed numerous benefits by gifting their children the wonderful world of LEGO®. From refinement of senses to upgradation of skills, and even developing important values like co-operation, LEGO® does it all. Through this Blog let us highlight a few reasons why you must allow your kids to have some LEGO® time every day.

Development of Motor Skills

The first skill that children need to master is the Fine Motor development. It gives the child the ability to grasp and hold things with their hand & finger muscles. Holding a crayon correctly between fingers needs the child to master the ‘tripod’ grip. This comes with practice and adults need to continuously provide the child with different opportunities to enhance the skill-set. Using LEGO® bricks is an excellent opportunity for building the child’s fine motor skills. While building towers, roadways, vehicles, and characters children pick up pieces and join them to the other. This act in itself is great exercise for them. Without even realizing, the hand muscles are getting stronger and movement of the wrist gets more refined.

Greater Focus and Concentration

Children lack a sense of focus and their attention spans do not last for more than 15 minutes. It is tough to even get the child to attend online classes, especially during the current pandemic scenario. However, when it comes to playing, they proactively show interest and want to spend hours attending to their toys. LEGO® blocks provide an immersive experience for children. Focusing on mix, match and construction children lose count of time and don’t mind spend hours constructing models from scratch. You wouldn’t want to disturb your child especially when he is engaged in meaningful play activity.

Nurturing Creativity

Hands-on learning is essential as it captivates children in many ways. Powering machines and building a fantasy world from scratch requires a creative thought process. The same set of LEGO® kit presented to two children does not lead to the same outcome. Each learner has a unique style and way of expression and this is reflected in the final model they build. Thanks to LEGO® the experience is in sync with the school curriculum and follows a systematic STEAM approach for elementary graders and above.

Fosters Collaboration and Communication

Learning to work together and co-operate with team members at school level sets a strong foundation giving the learners a preview of professional life. No matter what career prospect children opt for, the need for effective teamwork is of essence. When children are assigned with a task to brainstorm, perform, and manifest their LEGO® projects, they get the opportunity to form strong bonds with classmates, they learn to assign roles and accomplish tasks taking into account each team-members prospective. Students communicate with peers more openly and learn to express themselves before a team

Problem Solving Approach

Structure play with LEGO® requires children to follow certain instructions to assemble the build in a certain way. When children get stuck on a particular step, they approach an adult or they try to figure out the solution by themselves. Either ways it’s a win-win situation. Children are learning to ask the right questions when they face with a challenge that is not solvable by oneself. They are also using trial & error method and learning to be persistent at a given task. Not to mention the important lessons of symmetry, balance, colors, and shapes that they learn along.

Basics of Science and Engineering

When a tall tower of LEGO® blocks are stacked up one over the other withstands a windy blow from the bedroom window, your child has already achieved success. Constructing a tall building and testing its capacity to withstand needs cleaver thinking. Children understand why the base of the construction needs to be strong. An attempt of failure is a lesson to them, to build stronger bases. This is the basic concept of Science and Engineering and children have already understood the principals of how it works. Amazing isn’t it?

We have seen how LEGO® is truly a game-changer for many. Many parents from Middle East, UAE, GCC, and Dubai have already found it beneficial to dedicate an hour of free play LEGO® every single say after-school to steer their children in the right direction, on their way to learning.

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