Encouraging Pretend Play amongst pre-schoolers

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Education is important for a child’s foundation but when amalgamated with Pretend Play becomes even more effective for their growth. These are interactive activities introduced to kids from their pre-school age. They are not just fun and games but crucial in child development. Wonders are achieved through education but it is Pretend Play that complements it for children to succeed at work and in the world at large.

Children are engaged in make believe situations that are created through stories and dramatization while demonstrating with props. Although they are an imaginative act, yet children experience and feel it. They are able to think, ask questions, observe, reason and also get transported into a fairyland.

They learn how to face challenges, solve problems, handle scenarios, cooperate, coexist and dream. These activities mentioned below help them to listen to their thoughts, express their ideas and have their opinions.

Home is Heaven

Kids are made to pretend to call the shots at home. The act of being an adult, to be able to take decisions and shoulder responsibilities, doing common household chores with their tiny play sets and random home items, all of it adds to their self-esteem. They get the feel of managing and running their home which is truly empowering.

Nurturing Identities

This activity can spark up a million imaginations. Costumes are so visually exciting. Donning a ‘chef’s coat’ may want them to conquer the world of hospitality, whereas a ‘space suit’ may aspire them to be an astronaut or just simple ‘make up’ accessories and being dolled up in mommy’s garments may inspire them to be the next beauty queen or a fashion icon. How about adding some excitement to this pretend play act by offering your child thought-provoking books from Reading Egg’s Mega Book Pack.


Cute Copy Cats

Kids love to imitate their favorite movie stars and cartoon characters. When they are asked to imitate and clone their parents and teachers in a respectful yet playful manner, it lets them step into their shoes, explore their personas, appreciate what they do for them while bringing out hilarious quirks.

The Brave Battalion

Kids get all charged up and geared with this thrilling game where they learn the meaning of security. Acting like guarding officers, soldiers on the warfront or secret spy agents defending the country, it makes them alert to protect themselves and their own in sudden dangerous situations. It teaches them to be courageous, have an undeterred spirit and be grateful of the sacrifices of the nation’s heroes.

Fit and Fabulous

Sports and the significance of fitness is ingrained into children through active games. Using toys and other objects as prop tools it acquaints them with a particular sport. Running for that matter being the most common sport and exercise is explained to them with an easy line up of toy cars set as racing tracks so they can have competitions with their siblings and friends. While emulating popular sports icons and knowing their journeys, it would drive them to be one someday.


Most of us dread hospitals, general medical and dental clinics. When this informative yet fun activity is played with children, they begin to understand how medicine works and cures, taking their fears away. Playing the doctor’s character with their cute teddy bear as their patient, injections and tablets may not be enemies to them anymore and they would even aspire to take it up as a profession.

Tricks of the Trade

In this imaginary activity, the concept of business and shopping is brought in for the kids. They are transported into their best loved places like McDonalds, Gelato Store and Disney Land. They get to experience being into dual character modes, one as a shopper and other as a shopkeeper. They learn how to buy and sell whether it’s a burger, an ice-cream or tickets to the amusement ride. The essential bit is counting money, being accountable to their parents and moreover being mindful to keep their wallets safe in their bag packs. Compliment this play session by giving your child a picture book to read from Reading Egg’s Level 1 Activity Book subscription package available across Dubai, Middle East, GCC, and UAE.


There is no other alternative to Pretend Play. Having started early, they’ll naturally start enjoying these games and will implement the learnings in actual sense. So, whenever they are immersed in any activity, parents must not stop them as it will never be unproductive. Allow them time, give them space and you shall see them fly.

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