Why Harp about Digital Assessment Tools in 2021

Technology has changed the way we do everything. How we communicate, how we experience the world and even how we learn. Markezy is a digital platform that allows educators to create and grade assessments for students. And never has the need for such a functional tool been this high. With remote education picking up pace and even replacing offline schools in some cases, the other parts of education too have to move online.

Unlike physical assessments, digital ones are quick, convenient and far more precise. And with digital assessments educators can ensure the students are tested and well checked on their abilities and knowledge even with remote learning.

Ease of use

One of the primary advantages of Digital assessments is the ease of use. Being digitized the assessment can be created, reviewed and graded, whenever and wherever convenient to the educator. The digitization also ensures that all tests are accounted for and fairly graded. Another benefit of having digitized assessments is completely eliminating paperwork. As done in several industries across the world, reducing paper usage is not only a need but a responsibility to be carried out by organizations. Digitizing thus is a much greener option and helps eliminate the cumbersome paperwork.


Digitization naturally also makes the scoring of the assessments accurate and easy. The computerized process evaluates based on parameters designed by the educator themselves, thus allowing a great deal of modularity.

Various test patterns

With the digital way educators can also include various types of scoring methods with ease. Multiple choice questions, matching, fill in the blank and more. This range of test patterns enables an overall assessment from the scores, which is calculated automatically. The automatic calculation takes away the possibility of wrong grading and scores, thus making the digital assessment far more accurate than regular ones.



Educators across the world have been adopting digitized assessments due to their nature of being simple and direct. With countries like the UK, USA and UAE adopting technology into education, digitization is the easiest and most effective solution forward.

Improved learning outcomes for students

As beneficial for the educators, digitized assessments are great help to learners as well. They improve learning outcomes by delivering accurate scores on subjects and assessments types that allow for a fair judgement and analysis of students’ knowledge in the subject. The students are better able to improve on sections of the course they lagged behind on, by receiving feedback from the assessments. This feedback being objective, allows them to take measures and get better at subjects and programs altogether.


Convenience of review for student

Digitization also makes sure that all course work is in a single place and preserved like it should be. Having access to the entire semester’s worth of work and assignments gives the learner a wider perspective into their course program, and also helps them keep track of their performance and understanding level, thereby promoting self-study and improvement habits. The online portfolio also gives the student a deeper understanding of the course they are in, which helps them achieve the desired goals through it.

Object insights for students

Another plus side of having digital assessments is that it provides the learner with specific insights into their performance in the curriculum. The feedback received by the learner helps them improve in specific terms and adds a great deal of modularity in the learning process. The insights since based on individual performance are created only to cater to the student, making the experience personalized as well.

As similar to the educator, the learners have access to the assessment and feedback anytime and anywhere they like. This gives the learner an opportunity to improve their performance and create a better learning experience. Quality of learning is also improved with unbiased and objective feedback that in turn improves the quality of education.

Markezy with its tech-based assessments and transformative analytics makes online learning or remote learning as effective, if not more than, the standard education practices. Improving one online assessment after another with usable and functional tools, Markezy aims at making the education experience better in places where remote learning is already on the rise, such as North- America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific

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