Creative Ways To Get Kids To Love Maths

Making math lessons fun can be quite a challenge for teachers and parents alike. Young learners are full of energy and to get them to concentrate on solving problems, seems like a herculean task….doesn’t it? Some students dislike math because they think it’s a boring subject. Unlike science which is full of discovery and social studies which amuses the young minds to delve further, children feel math is full of problems and finding solutions to it, is just not their thing.

If you are an educator or a parent trying to get your kids to do some math, we can totally relate to your plight. Take a deep breath, cause Mathseeds is here to make math fun!

As the name suggests, Mathseeds is all about math. It is a comprehensive online mathematics programme for children as young as 3 – 9 years of age. Mathseends offers a wide range of child-friendly activities that are enjoyable, covering different math concepts. Fundamental topics such as numbers, shapes, and measurement, are presented in a game like manner to kids.

Have a read on how Mathseeds makes the subject a pleasurable experience:

Create a Dedicated Avatar

Children love cartoons and they very much relate to the character. Most importantly, children learn important lessons through toons, because they find them very interesting. The world of fantasy is full of color, joy, excitement, and kids love the thrill of imaging the character as their best friend. Mathseeds encourages the young learners to create their own personalized ‘Avatar’. Moreover, each math lesson begins with animated characters to make it entertaining and knowledgeable. As children unlock the next level of activity, they are introduced to newer characters. Through the learning journey the 5 characters keep children entertained by dancing, making funny movements, and most importantly motivating the child to learn math skills.


Indulge in Interesting Activities

You will be surprised at how participative your kids are when presented with math challenges in a child-friendly manner. Mathseeds gradually introduces the learners with nine different activities based on the math concept they have learnt. Each activity is presented in a different manner enabling the little ones to use their thought process creatively. The initial stages of the activity focus on numbers, counting, and shape recognition. Later, the child unlocks an advanced level where he is made to measure, add, subtract, multiply, and divide, without missing out on a single moment of joy.


Reading an E-book

Once children are comfortable with their numbers, they are ready to uncover the Mathseeds e-book. What better way to reinforce math concepts than to read it in a story-like form? These books are a delightful treat to understand the language of mathematics. If reading is not their thing, students can use the audio feature to let the ‘bot’ narrate the story to them. Umm….very interesting! How you wish as a parent to have had access to such cool programs during your school days!

Watch the Baby Pet Come out of its Shell

Watching a cute pet hatch from the golden acorn egg is a thrilling experience for children more so when they have worked towards it. Children fall in love with their e-pet and demonstrate responsibility in trying to take care of their personal e-pet. Each pet appears from a different environment such as, the Savannah or even the Artic areas. Integrating geography in math lessons is indeed a cleaver idea, isn’t it?


Rewarding the Child at Every Stage 

The golden acorns are like prized possessions that children are proud of flaunting. Collecting a bunch of them gives children a similar feeling as to winning Golden trophies. Then they can opt to spend those acorns for buying different items for their ‘tree house’. This makes learning math a truly enjoyable experience. Your little munchkins won’t mind putting in some extra effort to ‘earn’ those brownie points and hatching another e-pet.

At the end of all things fun, games, puzzles and learning children are awarded with a printable e-certificate as a reminder of their achievement. Head to our website today because we are ready to get the games started!

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