An Innovative Assessment Tool in The Digital Age

Assessments are an important part of the educational process. An evaluation of the student’s understanding of the subject reflects whether the educational goals are being met with. Periodical assessments for students help them learn about their own progress and motivate themselves to prepare more passionately for the exams.

The average assessment score of the class is an indication of the educator’s success to deliver lessons effectively. Most importantly ‘assessments’ give answers to important questions. ‘Are students grasping the concepts properly?’, ‘Is there an alternate technique required to the teaching methodology?’, ‘Are students getting It right the first time?’

Assessments are also a revelation for the following reasons:

  • Some students may have learning issues which are recognized based on how well or poorly they fared in a series of assessments. The earlier the school gets to know about this, the sooner they will be able to make special arrangements for the student.
  • Students require some guidance and feedback for them to steer in the right direction. Assessments give a chance to the teacher to give constructive feedback in details, to the individual student and follow-up on his/her progress.

In recent times, technology is being integrated into the school assessment system to shorten the cumbersome process of examinations and evaluations.

Assessments are an ongoing process and it takes-up much of the class teacher’s time & efforts in preparing papers, keeping the model answers ready, correcting the sheets, and giving feedback to the students. This diverts the teacher’s attention, which could have been otherwise utilized more effectively for preparing teaching aids for students.

Markezy Empowers Assessments with Technology

Markezy is restructuring ‘school assessments’ and taking it to a new level by integrating technology in the grading system. The system is designed with an aim to cut down the workload of educators and make evaluations as simple as possible.

But does it work only for online exams? What happens when you have to evaluate a test paper which is conducted in a ‘pen and paper’ format?

Well, fret not! Markezy brings the best of both worlds together. Students may comfortably appear for their exams in ‘pen and paper’ format and the evaluation will be done digitally. Sounds very convenient, doesn’t it?

Let’s give you a deeper understanding of how Markezy works by following a step-by-step guide.

Step 1- Create and curate questions: Teachers can use the digital platform to create questions in different formats such as; MCQs and essay type questions. Once the questions are ready, the teacher allocates a scoring to each question, based on the importance of the topic.


Step 2- Publish and print assessment papers: The publisher finalizes the questions to be printed in collaboration with the teacher. A random serial order is generated before printing or publishing the assessment, so as to avoid any sort of mischief amongst the students in class. For security reasons, the test paper is predesigned with the student’s ID and photograph for proper allocation. The assessments are ready to be generated and do not need any additional formatting.

Step 3 – Student writes the assessments: Based upon the description of the assessor, the student appears for the exams in the online format or on pen and paper. Enough space is allocated to accommodate the answers, and diagrams on the answer sheet. Confusion is eliminated, as each child appears for the assignment that only he/she has been assigned to and last-minute panic is done away with.


Step 4 – Scan and upload the assessments: The simplest step is to scan the answer sheets and upload them onto the Markezy tool for evaluation. MCQs are automatically graded by the computer and no sort of human intervention is required. The scans are clear and an auto-bifurcation is done by the system such that each Q&A appears on a different page to ease the checking process. A comment section is provided by the system with auto-fill feature allowing the teacher to key-in their feedback more effectively.

Step 5 – Grade students online: Markezy streamlines the grading process and makes it a jiffy job for the educators. The best part is, teachers can evaluate assignments from anywhere, at any time of the day or night. The model answer paper prompts the evaluator to quickly skim through the answers and assign marks accordingly. And of course, the system saves the evaluator from tedious calculations by self-calculating the total score.

Step 6 – Analyze reports: Evaluators get an easy overview of the performance of an individual student and a collective score of the class. One can analyze which Question from amongst the set of questions has been a challenge for students in attempting it correctly by evaluating the scores. The auto-grading aligns the marks in ascending order to determine which student performed well and who could do better in the next exams.


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