Effective Ways to Promote Reading in Elementary School

Elementary school provides the foundational schooling and skills that propels a child into their further education in life. Reading, one of the foundational skills, is arguably the most important skill in education as it leads to comprehension and effective construction of arguments and ideas – key requirements when children move further along their education path.

To help with this critical aspect of education, we introduce Kutubee, a subscription-based educational tool that aids in the understanding of words and phrases as well as the transformation of simple individual ideas to complete a story. It does this by storing books in an online format and integrates key features that are required for effective reading, both for teachers and readers, so that the reading process is made much more engaging and beneficial. These books are categorized according to the IB Primary Years Program (PYP), reading level, age and subject. Let us look at some of the key features.

Key Features

Ability to Record (Teacher + Reader)

The ability to record a reading session provides the reader with a sense of accountability and also enables them to revisit their best readings along with the ones that need improvement.

For teachers, this feature proves to be invaluable as they are able to monitor individual student progress to find readers who are struggling and need help. The teachers can also utilize this feature to record their own reading of a particular book, so that readers have a model reading to reference in the event that they are unable to pronounce a word or have a problem pacing their storytelling.

Teacher Dashboard and Resources

To complement a good feature set for the reader, an equally robust offering has been included for teachers who would like to use or are using Kutubee. The dashboard provides data on reading hours and what books are being read across the class and grade level.

Using this information, teachers can assemble a favorite list of their preferred books, set reading goals and share the lists and goals with their students. Teachers can also generate Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with all the relevant data for administrative purposes and assessing the efficacy of the Kutubee service. Kutubee also provides teachers with guides and FAQ documents that help them to understand the technology and familiarize themselves with it before implementing it with their children.

Kutubee Teacher Portal

Comprehension Check

This feature serves two purposes. Firstly, curious and distracted minds can wander during reading sessions and this comprehension check at the end of each story ensures that children are paying attention.

Secondly, children who are interested by the story can use this opportunity to reinforce the knowledge and lessons learned in it. This would develop their knowledge, creativity and vocabulary.

Classification of Books

Kutubee has conducted extensive work with educational consultants in order to appropriately categorize the books they have in the library according to established reading levels and classifications.

These reading levels help level the reading environment as children with different reading skills and vocabulary may not be able to progress on a single reading pace as the rest of the class or the grade. Teachers are able to identify children who require extra help and assign them appropriate reading materials and activities that fit their comfortable reading phase. This allows children to maintain their confidence in reading and gain the appropriate skills without falling behind their peers.

Kutubee Publishers

Wrapping It Up

At its heart, Kutubee is a very able tool that packages stellar features, both for educators and children, that help this service deliver reading material and comprehension of stories of outstanding quality.

School administrators that wish to bring this service onboard are requested to contact Knowledge Hub from below form, the distribution agent for Kutubee.

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