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If you’ve noticed your child often make an excuse when you try to get him to read a book, then it’s time to make some amendments in the reading experience provided to the child. We understand how tiresome it could be for parents to approach their tiny-ones with a book without having to play a game of catch-and-cook with them around the house. Well as you sigh, we have some good news to share.

‘Highlights’ is everyone’s favorite ‘reading platform’ and has been endorsed by parents and teachers, from across the globe. Being a new-age reading platform, Highlights aim is to motivate every child to not only be a voracious reader, but also be a champ at developing good writing skills and learn to communicate effectively.

Highlights delightfully launched its Readers+ kit which entails 500 choicest stories that include fiction and non-fiction reading material across 10 differentiated content areas & reading levels, through its app. This makes it easier for parents and teachers to choose a ‘topic’ for their child’s next reading schedule. Having a consolidated platform saves time on having to do research and going from one bookstore to the other, to hunt for story books. The portal is also thoughtfully designed to enable the child to himself browse through the books and various activities and follow the self-explanatory instructions that guide him to navigate seamlessly on the portal.

Wondering how easy it is to access the Readers+ Kit?

Children simply need to open the App and click the ‘green icon’ on the Readers+ kit homepage to access their favorite book title. After the book has been read, children even get to follow-up their reading by participating in ‘fun activities’ and earn rewards for completing various tasks. This helps the child to recollect the story and tests his retention power. It also boosts the child’s morale and motivates him to read with clarity, rather than browsing through the pages.

Learning to Speak English with correct pronunciation can be rewarding too!

Children mimic songs, conversations & stories uttered by adults and hence teachers & parents need to make it a mindful practice to always choose the right words & use correct pronunciation around their children. It is however not feasible for the child to be around an elder all through the day, and that’s where the Readers+ kit comes handy.

The ‘speaking activity’ is specifically designed to assist our little champs to improve their verbal fluency by practicing speaking English sentences correctly. Five featured sentences from every story are pre-recorded and the child needs to listen to each one of them attentively. It is then the child’s turn to repeat the sentence with the same finesse as he just heard in the recording. The app immediately checks the correctness of the speech and rates the speaking fluency of the child. This motivates the child to continue improving his score gradually by repeating every word in the sentence correctly. In this manner, the elementary school goer develops immense confidence and demonstrates proactiveness the next time he is asked to participate in a group discussion at school.

Effective listening is the key to proper communication & writing

After having read and repeated the sentence verbally, the Readers+ app takes the activity level a notch higher. The child is asked to concentrate on the sentence from the story that is read aloud to him and then he has to proceed towards arranging the words of the phrase that are presented to him in a jumbled manner. This exercise requires the child to first listen attentively, then understand what each word in the sentence stands for, and then arrange the words correctly to form a sentence. At the end of the session, triumphant efforts of the child are rewarded with a star badge added to their profiles.

Inculcating critical thinking at an early age

To complete the learning experience and unlock the true potential of the children, a set of questions are asked at the end of the story to test the child’s comprehensive capabilities. The child is given the opportunity to pen down his understanding in 50 to 100 characters. This concluding exercise is an excellent medium to test the child’s grammar, sentence formation skills, and usage of spellings.

If you haven’t already subscribed to the Highlights app, it’s time to get started. With so many power-packed features, we are sure your geniuses will gain even more confidence through their journey of becoming voracious readers, writers, and effective communicators.

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