The Advantages of Reading to an Elementary School Child

The 3Rs of education start with reading, writing, and then move on to arithmetic. Reading is the first ‘R’ taught to the child in school and for that matter, it is the most basic fundamental skill that the child needs to learn in order to succeed in life. A good habit like ‘reading’ when cultivated at an early age can spark an interest in the child and stays with the child even when he is grown into a teenager and an adult. The idea is to make the child comfortable with reading a book, whether it is a story or a workbook from school.

Make books your child’s best friend! Though reading is a simple activity, there are numerous benefits attributed to it. Besides being a fun thing to do, reading sharpens the mind, improves concentration, and even enhances interpersonal skills. Through reading, an elementary school goer is exposed to different kinds of information, stories, and ideas that influence their thoughts and feelings. A young reader develops favorable qualities like empathy, confidence, and a strong belief system based on high morals & values. The benefits of reading are limitless and through this blog, we aim to highlight a few of them:

Increased Attention Span

In today’s world of increasing social media usage and digital entertainment, the attention span of the child is getting shorter. It is really a mammoth task for parents to get their 6-year-old children to sit in one place and focus on a task. Slowly introducing your energetic bundle of joy to the world of reading allows him to ‘stay put’ for a longer duration. Hence, a simple practice of dedicating 20-minutes of ‘reading time’ daily goes a long way.

Improved Imagination

Reading to your children, and later encouraging them to read on their own, helps to stimulate the imagination in a powerful way. It is the innate nature of the child to be curious, however, a good book further enhances ‘curiosity’ and encourages the child to ask relevant questions to adults. While asking questions, the child engages in verbal interaction, which helps him use vocabulary to communicate what he is thinking and feeling while trying to discover a new concept.

Fostering Creativity

Vivid characters and attractive imagery in the book broadens the scope for creative thinking amongst children. They jump right onboard the fantasy wagon which transports their imagination into an exciting sojourn where even the sky is not a limit. Children who are creatively inclined do not hesitate to try out new ideas, and are more likely to be better at problem-solving

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