TechnoAd is an engaging project that empowers students to become savvy digital marketers, helping them decode the intricate world of targeted advertising and hidden messages in media. This project aims to deliver essential media literacy skills for students while producing a compelling Video Ad. Here’s a closer look at what students can learn:

Understanding Targeted Advertising

When creating an advertisement, the first step is to define the Target Audience. Any kind of marketing campaign is incomplete without identifying who you want to reach out to! Similarly, TechnoAd introduces students to the concept of targeted advertising, where marketers create specific Ads aimed at particular audiences. Students begin by analyzing how various Ads are designed to attract different demographics. Slowly on the way, they start understanding why certain Ads use peculiar slogans, and why most video bites have an emotional storyline within. This learning helps students recognize how their behavior is being manipulated by daily media consumption.

Uncovering Hidden Messages in Advertising

Do brands purposely convey a hidden message via their commercial Ad campaigns? Well, the answer is that there may be some subtle hints that appeal to subconscious desires and societal norms. The TechnoAd module is designed in a way where students watch and interpret existing Ads. They need to note down the subtle message these advertisements carry and observe how it would affect the purchasing behavior of audiences. Through such exercises, media literacy skills for students are imparted, bringing them closer to understanding how advertising can shape perceptions and attitudes.

Practical Skills Development

In addition to media literacy skills for students, TechnoAd equips students with practical skills in video production. They learn to use Blender, a free, open-source software, to create their ads. The project covers essential video editing techniques, such as capturing different shots, angles, and movements, and using transitions and effects to enhance the final product. By working in production teams, students also develop collaboration and teamwork skills, planning and organizing their ideas through storyboarding.

Project-Based Learning

The art of marketing, advertising, and video editing can’t be studied out of a textbook. TechnoAd, therefore, emphasizes on a project-based learning approach. In this method, students get hands-on with the assignment and apply their knowledge to deliver real-world advertising campaigns by conducting proper research and applying creativity.

Media Literacy & Video Production

Developing media literacy skills for students is a core component of the TechnoAd project. After students have already reviewed a few media advertisements, they start understanding the choice of colors, sounds, and narratives that appeal to consumers. They also get a deeper understanding of how media messages are crafted and the psychological effects they can have on people. With this knowledge, students can storyboard their ideas, shoot video footage, use different camera techniques, and edit their videos to produce a polished final product.

Collaboration and Teamwork

A collaborative spirit sets the stage for the meticulous execution of Ad creation. Collaboration is a significant aspect of the TechnoAd project. Students divide tasks as per their level of expertise and take up different roles of filming, editing, coordination, and ideation. Working together in groups teaches students the essence of negotiation, cooperation, and effective communication. They start valuing each other’s perspectives and combine their strengths to create a successful marketing campaign.

Teacher Resources and Support

TechnoAd provides comprehensive resources for teachers to support student learning. The project includes a Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, customizable resources, assessment tools, and extension activities. These materials ensure that educators have everything they need to deliver the project effectively and support students in their learning journey. The project also includes digital tools, such as templates and sample files, to help students understand the concepts and apply them in their work.

Enhancing Digital Citizenship

TechnoAd also promotes digital citizenship by teaching students how to navigate the digital landscape responsibly. They learn about ethical considerations in advertising, such as avoiding stereotypes and respecting consumer privacy. These lessons help students become more responsible digital citizens, aware of the impact of their actions and the importance of ethical behavior in the digital world.

Media Literacy Skills for Students: 

In summary, TechnoAd is a comprehensive module that combines media literacy with video production, providing students with valuable skills and knowledge. By analyzing targeted advertising and uncovering hidden messages, students become more informed and critical consumers of media. The project-based learning approach, practical skills development, and focus on real-world applications prepare students for future success

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