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It is such a pleasure to watch your kid be immersed in productive activities through the day, rather than just whiling time away playing with toys or scrolling on their tabs. Now that the pandemic isn’t clearly giving us signs of complete eradication, staying indoors and away from the public has become the new normal. This means, that children have way more time to spend indoors at home, and the chances of them getting bored easily, is a given. Parents are exploring ways to keep kids productive and what better than giving them a bunch of activity books to work with.

Here are some types of activity books that are available in the market:

  1. Brain Games
  2. Puzzles
  3. Art and Craft DIY Books
  4. Coloring Books
  5. Find the difference
  6. Join the dots
  7. Riddles
  8. Word Search
  9. Tracing numbers and letters
  10. Mazes

The best part about these activity books is that students of any age can benefit from them. There are picture books for toddlers who can’t read and more complex ones like sudoku books for 13-16-year-olds. So if you are contemplating buying some cool & thought-provoking books for yourself and your child, continue reading the blog.

#1 Learning Through Fun

Undoubtedly learning about shapes is much more fun from an activity book, rather than from a textbook. Imagine how interesting it would be if you could pluck stickers of different shapes and match them with the respective objects in the book. In this way, children learn a great deal without even realizing it. The process is so immersive that they’d lose track of time.

#2 Improves Confidence

On completing a puzzle or brain teaser quiz successfully, the joy kids get knows no bounds. This process helps them build confidence and they feel elated to undertake more such activities as head-on challenges. Eventually, this will translate into the child displaying greater involvement in school sports events and other co-curricular & curricular domains. The greatest gift you can give a child is confidence and a chance that will allow them to soar and fly.

#3 Creativity

Thinking outside the box is best stimulated when children work with art & craft activity books and clay dough to curate scenes & pictures to express their emotions creatively. These books are a medium to put one’s imagination onto paper and discover hidden talents. They say ‘creativity starts at home and lasts a lifetime,’ which is indeed true & valid.

#4 Reduced Screen Time

Without even realizing it, your kid could be spending anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours of screen time per day. That’s a lot of stress for their eyes and it also causes serious sleep problems like insomnia. By giving them an activity book, they will be spending time doing something useful and also improve their attention span by focusing on completing the task on hand. Since you use your hands to touch, feel, color, and fold, while doing various activities, it improves your fine motor skills and refines the senses. Reading Eggs is an excellent program based out of the UK that offers an extensive library of activity books to support your child’s overall development. This award-winning online & offline publication has earned a favorable repute in the GCC regions and all over the Middle East. To learn more about Reading Eggs, visit this link:

#5 Improves Reading Skills

There are numerous phonics practice books that encourage children to learn the phonetic sounds of letters and then use blending & segmentation techniques to construct words. Introduce simple reading books which have 1-2 lines of text on the page and short sentences, so that children can participate in reading and develop an interest. Reading Eggs is one such platform that aims to make learning to read fun for kids. Through games, songs, and activities, children expand their vocabulary and feel motivated by earning reward points. Reading Eggs is quite a popular learning tool amongst kids and many parents in Dubai and other regions of the UAE, support the Reading Eggs way of teaching.

So, if you wish to prepare your little one for success in school and focus on their overall development at an early age, then choose a range of activity books and stack them on your bookshelf!

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