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Reading is an essential skill that improves memory function as well as attention, It Is essential skill to be learned as a child however a lot of kids refrain from doing so, most of them are extremely fussy when it comes to reading, however companies like Reading eggs are coming up with amazing online reading games and activities, Reading Eggs makes learning to read fun and engaging for youngsters.

Our online reading programme for children ages two to thirteen, Reading Eggs, was created by a team of highly experienced educators, animators, and web engineers and launched in 2008. Over 20 million children in 169 countries have benefited from the initiative. The Middle East has especially shown a large interest in the activities Reading Eggs has to offer. Across GCC, in Dubai and other cities of UAE, there has been a strong adoption for the same.

With carefully created online reading games and activities that are easy to follow, self-paced, and extremely interesting for young children, the multi-award-winning early learning resource supports your child’s reading journey.

By introducing Reading Eggs into your child’s daily routine, you’ll be assisting them in preparing for the organized learning they’ll need to succeed and feel confident at school. Children enjoy the games, songs, golden eggs, and other rewards, which, in addition to making them feel proud of their reading, encourage them to continue exploring and learning.

So much of your child’s learning takes place at home. It’s where they’re most at ease, content, and supported. Children who grow up in families where reading is valued are already far ahead of their peers, according to studies. The home is an excellent location to start laying the foundation for long-term reading and academic success.

Reading Eggs is an educationally sound and extremely pleasurable learn to read programme for your child that is not only fun and successful, but also simple to include into your everyday routine.

Fast Phonics is an online synthetic phonics curriculum that teaches kids how to read effectively.

Fast Phonics leverages the proven efficacy of systematic phonics training to increase reading skills quickly, based on strong scientific evidence. The programme has 20 stages in which children learn important phonics abilities such as letter sound recognition, blending, and spelling. Each level is a Mountain Peak, with over 20 fascinating activities covering one set of letters.

Why do kids enjoy playing Fast Phonics games?

Fast Phonics is ideal for children ages 5–10 who are learning to read, as well as older students who are having difficulty in school. The high-interest phonics activities, along with enticing incentives, keep students on track and motivated to improve their skills.

Hundreds of animated videos are included in Fast Phonics.

Systematic synthetic phonics training is reinforced by entertaining learning films. Letter-sound films provide effective visual mnemonics (memory aids) that have been shown to improve letter-sound recognition.

Hundreds of incredibly engaging interactive activities are included in Fast Phonics.

Letter sound identification, blending throughout the word, spelling skills, non-words, syllables, reading captions, and longer text are all skills that children practise.

Hundreds of decodable books are included in Fast Phonics.

Each peak contains decodable books with beautiful illustrations. After reading each book, your child will take a comprehension quiz.

Assessment and reporting are included in Fast Phonics.

Quizzes are given on a regular basis to check phonics skills and track your child’s growth.

Hundreds of printable worksheets are included in Fast Phonics.

Easy-to-follow worksheets and handwriting pages for each peak are included in the bank of downloadable resources, allowing your kid to practise crucial phonics skills offline.

Fast Phonics is a motivating and enjoyable programme. It’s a hit among kids!

Children are more interested and driven to learn when they are given exciting rewards. Fast Phonics is full of colourful characters, including a fun Yeti avatar, as well as intriguing upgrades, collectible gems, and Yeti coins.

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