Remarkable DIY Technical Sets for Kids by Cool Tools Education

Learning about technology and materials can be made even more engaging and enjoyable for children by allowing them to actively participate in the process. Instead of solely relying on stories or flashcards to understand the tools and techniques used in constructing objects, children can experience the role of a technician themselves and create wonderful things with wood using DIY technical sets.

In today’s day & age, coding and digital literacy are often emphasized in STEM curricula, while there is sometimes a lack of emphasis on teaching children vocational and technical skills. To address this gap and provide a comprehensive STEM learning experience, Cooltool Education offers child-safe DIY technical sets specifically designed for young DIY enthusiasts.

By making available child-safe tools and materials, Cool Tools Education ensures that children can experiment and create in a safe environment. This approach not only promotes skill development but also encourages creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Kindergarten schools can empower children to become confident builders and makers, nurturing their passion for creating tangible objects and sparking their interest in technical fields.

PLAYmake 4in1 Kindergarten Set

Introducing the PLAYmake 4in1 Kindergarten Workshop! This comprehensive DIY technical set is designed to offer young learners with a wide range of woodworking experiences which include the following;

1. Assembled PLAYmake Jig-Saw/Sanding Machine: This versatile tool allows children to explore the art of cutting and shaping wood. With safety features in place, they can safely create various shapes and designs using the jig-saw function. The machine also doubles as a sanding tool, allowing children to refine their creations to perfection.

2. Assembled PLAYmake Woodlathe: The woodlathe unleashes an exciting opportunity for children to learn about woodturning. They can shape and transform pieces of wood into unique objects such as spinning tops or small vases. With the assembled woodlathe, children can delve into the world of craftsmanship and experience the thrill of creating their own turned wooden creations.

3. PLAYmake Handdrill: The handdrill introduces children to the concept of drilling holes in wood. With the safe and easy-to-use PLAYmake handdrill, they can practice precision and learn how to work with different drill bit sizes. This tool enhances their fine motor skills and coordination while fostering their understanding of woodworking techniques.

4. Poplar-Plywood Sheets A4: The DIY technical set includes four A4-sized poplar-plywood sheets, to facilitate sturdy and versatile material for children to work with. They can cut, shape, and assemble the plywood to create their own imaginative projects.

5. Basswood Dowels: There are 24 basswood dowels, with 17 pieces measuring 20mm and 7 pieces measuring 30mm. These dowels can be used in various woodworking projects, such as constructing small structures, connecting parts, or creating sculptures.

6. PLAYmake Serviceset: The PLAYmake Serviceset includes additional tools and accessories that support the woodworking activities. These tools enhance the overall workshop experience and provide children with a comprehensive set of resources to unleash their creativity.

7. Construction Booklets: The workshop includes two construction booklets that guide children through various projects and techniques. These booklets offer step-by-step instructions, inspiring project ideas, and tips for successful woodworking.

8. Safety Goggles: Safety goggles are included to ensure the well-being of young DIYers. It’s important for children to protect their eyes during woodworking activities, and the included goggles help create an accident-free environment.

All these components are neatly packed in a handy storage box, making it convenient to keep the workshop organized and accessible for future use.

Our young learners can now embark on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery in the world of woodworking.

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