Storytelling to Increase Math Quotient

Immersive storytelling has numerous benefits. Children look forward to story time in school and demand a storytelling session before bedtime with their parents. Stories improve brain development & imagination and studies have shown that it also helps in retaining information more effectively. As a reader, you must be wondering what the connection between Math and storytelling is. Well, to get this perplexing question answered, continue browsing through this Blog.

‘Math’ as a subject, often infuses students with fear and leaves them regretting memorizing tables and learning complex equations. But what if math problems were told in the form of a story? Would it make the subject more interesting then?

Few books that focus on teaching Kids Math concepts;

#1 A Million Dots

How much is a million? Are there a million stars in the sky? What is the significance of a million? A Million Dots is a fantastic book that helps the readers imagine what a huge number ‘million’ is. The exaggerated context of figuring out how many shoe boxes would be needed to construct a Pyramid adds a bit of drama and excitement to number counting. Nonetheless, children will enjoy the colorful illustrations on each page and won’t stop until they’ve read it from cover to cover.

#2 Math Curse

Do you remember your toughest day when you had to multitask and had only a few minutes at hand before you left home? Do the laundry, cook a meal, and take a shower, but all at rapid speed! Phew! That needs some time management skills. In school the math teacher always asks children complex problems like; there are 8 chocolates, and it has to be shared amongst 4 students, or 2 bananas and 3 mangoes have to be divided amongst siblings! In this book, all this sums up as a Math Curse. But one smart girl is on a mission to break this curse. How does she do it? Read the book to find out more. Numerous preschools in Dubai across the Middle East deal with Math anxiety at an early age, where children have to deal with the pressure of memorizing numbers. But ‘Math Curse’ is really a game changer, where children will really come to enjoy the subject or maybe even get obsessed with it.

#3 Tangled, a Story about Shapes

Imagine a day out in the park, playing with your friends under the summer sun. Author Anne Miranda uses her brilliance to bring together 16 shapes and send them to a park. What happens next is a funny episode. While playing in the jungle gym, all the shapes get entangled with each other. Circle over the triangle, inside the square, and whatnot. Oh, what a mess! The shapes are laughing and crying for help at the same time. Who do you think will come to their rescue? Which shape will make an entry as a Hero and untangle them all? Read on to find out. You can order Tangled on Amazon and get it delivered to your address within the UAE.

#4 A Gebra Named AL

A multi-award-winning novel, ‘A Gebra Named AL’ is a must-have in your book collection. The story uses fiction to unlock the wonders of a fantasy world while teaching students algebraic expressions. Julie, the main character is a young teen lost in the land of Math. While walking through the number maze she finds herself introduced to Al the gebra (a zebra that is named Algebra) and also horses who carry elements from the periodic table. While searching for a way back home, she has fun learning the fundamentals of algebra and chemistry. We don’t know how soon Julie will get home, but she will definitely remember what was learned, thanks to the interaction with her new buddies.

Setting the right foundation for learning Math is important, especially for young students who are of ages 3 and above. A good start ensures a strong base where basic concepts are clear, so that moving forward, more complex math equations become easier to solve. Mathseeds is a unique platform that rewards students at every stage of learning and motivates them to indulge in problem-solving techniques. Many parents and teachers support the Mathseeds program by subscribing to it in the GCC regions including the UAE. Come join Mathseeds, and fall in love with quirky characters, structured lesson plans, and exciting rewards. 

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