Wowzers – The Most Efficient and Speedy Way of Gaining Interest in Math

Mathematics has always been a daunting subject in schools in Dubai. But if you look at it with concentrated clarity, it is actually very easy and stimulating. Maths is for everyone and everywhere. You use it when you go shopping, to calculate dates as well as project financial profits for business houses, etc. Maths is a very important skill to have that we use without realising in our daily lives. Maths is a subject that is the foundation upon which other subjects are built such as physics, chemistry or, even advertising. You need this skill to pursue most other careers.

Maths is best done with a fresh mind and in a place where you can quietly concentrate. Once you have the basic principle right, you can do it anywhere and anytime. You will see the world around you with a mathematical eye. You will begin to see shapes in town squares and angles on buildings. A quick brush up with Maths every day improves your calculation skills, your memory and even reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Maths is such a subject that it requires you to practice it every day. It is not something that you can excel at by rote learning. You need to solve a variety of questions on each topic to gain command over the concept. It is imperative to understand where and how the equation was derived from. Maths has reasoning and logical application to solving it and understanding the derivatives makes it easy. Maths is a subject that builds upon the basics. Therefore, having a firm understanding of the key concepts becomes important before moving on to the next topic. Maths is hence called a sequential subject.

Today everything is available online and Maths is no exception. Tutorials, solutions and worksheets are all easily available with a basic Google search. There are also many games available online as well as on our phones that are related to Maths. Schools in the Middle East rely heavily on online platforms to supplement math practice at home and at school. Wowzers is transforming the way you learn maths with its powerful online platform. It allows the student to learn at his own pace, provides support when it detects that the student is struggling and guides them with feedback so that they have a better understanding of their progress. The Wowzers app is available on any device and can be linked so you can access it from anywhere. Its customised curriculum is mapped to both state and common core math standards. Its assessments provide trackable progress and support the student’s graduation to the next level. Wowzers busts the myth that maths is boring or scary with its engaging context and interactive programmes.

There are also many tutorial videos available online on various topics that explain the topics you find comparatively difficult to grasp. Watching these videos and writing down the core concepts and formulae is a great way to form muscle memory. Pinning up flashcards of these formulae on the board in front of you will help you to inadvertently learn every time you glance at it. GCC schools require students to make colourful charts with the basic concepts of maths and have them put it up where they are glanced upon daily to absorb the concepts. Being creative with visual aids also helps in eliminating the ennui that students sometimes feel when it comes to maths.

Taking the help of your teacher, parents or peers to clear doubts will eliminate struggling with concepts in the long run and make it easy and fun to learn as well. These are also the people who can help you to apply maths to real-life situations whether it is checking the restaurant bill with mum or calculating the income tax on your home loan with dad. In the UAE, splitting the café bill with your friends is the best way to learn percentages.

Maths is a subject best learnt by understanding the root cause rather than the solution. You can’t memorise it as every problem has its own uniqueness. But if you know the concept and its application then solving it becomes a breeze.

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