3D Learning In Classrooms is The Next Most Appealing Teaching Resource

Experiential learning is a topic that is heard of and is picking up pace, especially in the Education Industry. The advent of 3D teaching aids encompasses the experiential learning gamut and makes studies intriguing for students. Powered by Augmented Reality, 3D learning is super-engaging and facilitates the teacher to grab the attention of students for longer durations. Presenting an entire real-world-like scenario before your students is quite interesting, within the closed doors of a classroom. We’ve heard the phrase ‘see it, to believe it’ and literally 3D learning presents different aspects of the subject such as; History or Geography as a story, such that the recall is better and the facts become more relatable.

Here are a few reasons to opt for 3D learning in classrooms;

#1 Facilitating Inventiveness

When students are given the liberty to play around and experiment with 3D technology, they feel a sense of pride and become first-time inventors. The idea of being able to do something out of the box is exciting and inspires children to think differently. Given the right resources, they develop design capabilities and learn to use technology to their advantage at an early stage in their own Schools. With the STEM curriculum becoming popular in Dubai and other regions of the Middle East, 3D teaching aids are in fashion and are customizable for students of different grades.

#2 Evokes Real Emotions

As students can understand what the real deal is, they indulge in real practice. What reaction would you give if you were on a vacation and there was a Volcanic Eruption? Well, the same emotion is felt by kids, since the 3D imagery is so precise and realistic in form. The virtual replica can be used to train students and prepare them for what may happen in a real-world scenario. Many 3D pieces of training are conducted in offices, where employees and factory engineers first receive their training in 3D simulated environments and then go ahead with their normal job roles.

#3 Novelty and Fun

Children appreciate something new every day and often get bored with monotony. This is true not only for preschoolers but also for middle-school and high-school students. When 3D is incorporated in classrooms, you can see, feel, touch, and have a memorable time in classrooms, instead of staring blankly at the whiteboard & textbooks. It is fun to watch monuments coming alive, pre-historic dinosaurs talking, and science experiments being conducted as-If it was real. All this, and much more is possible only when technology is incorporated into our schools across the GCC and other regions of the world.

About Alive Studios

In sync with the whole concept of 3D, Alive Studio presents a comprehensive kit to engage students and teachers across different learning stages. Thanks to their patented 3D Augmented Reality technology, Alive Studios is able to welcome 26 zoo animals to foster a love for letters and even Math resources that inspire a special connection with the subject. On-demand, they have launched their product in the UAE and several other cities of the world.

Some of their Early-Ed Resources Include:

The Zoo Crew Alphabet Show:

In this module, Cynthia and her friend Gerdy the Giraffe will take you on an adventure to teach you the names of magical zoo animals and their letter sounds using 3D (augmented reality). Lots of rhymes, thematic storytelling, and fun & dance to follow. So, get ready to Hakuna Matata!

Interactive Alphabet Chart:

This chart is great for practicing the 26 zoo Crew Letters so that the recall is thorough. Suspend it on a blank wall and read aloud, while passing by the corridor.

Letters Alive Student Journals:

“This journal absolutely changed the way my kids were writing their letters” – these words came from a teacher who explored 3D resources from Alive Studio in his classroom. The student journal is integrated with an app on the phone or tablet, where students can indulge in creative writing, collect sticker badges, and groove to the beats of the zoo crew animal song. Besides the above-mentioned resources, the kit also comes with magical Classroom Rugs, Math Alive Journals to particularly engage children in Math learning, and Letters Alive which is a phonetic based lesson plan to learn blends and digraphs.

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