Can The Correct Use of Digital Technology Save The Planet

Computer technology has reached every household and even kids in IB Schools across the Middle East and other regions, are being introduced to the wonders of PC, Web 2.0, cloud computing, and other such trendy topics. What not can you do with coding? Intelligent programmers are changing the way we work and communicate, to achieve maximum efficiency, at reduced costs. Learning to code has become as simple as learning ABC, thanks to Coding Platforms like Code Monkey, which is pretty well-known in the UAE. This award-winning tool is appreciated by over a million users and has changed the way students approach coding.

Our dear Planet Earth is currently facing issues such as; global warming due to increased pollution and deforestation. Forests are being cut down to make tall buildings for the ever-growing population. Is there a solution to combat this problem?

Well, technology alone cannot solve such a grave problem, but it can definitely contribute towards making our planet Earth a better place to thrive in.

Through this article, we aim to highlight some of the environmental problems that can be tackled via technology, in an endeavor to give a gift of a greener planet to our future generations.

What is Green Technology and how does it work?

Green technology is the only sensible way forward. It basically includes the production of technology that is in sync with the environment and causes less or as good as no hazards to the surroundings. Responsible engineering ensures our natural resources are intact and the raw materials used in manufacturing, do not negatively impact the climate. The idea of green technology is to protect the remaining resources and reverse the undue harm already done to the environment.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning provide a vast gamut of opportunities to develop newer technologies that are more sustainable and gentler for our planet. Let us look at some of them.

Electric Vehicles

Vehicle emission is a never-ending problem that affects cities and urban development. In the year 2020, only passenger cars accounted for about three billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, across the world, including the GCC region. The answer to this is a quick ‘switch to EVs’. Electric Vehicles are retrofitted with more energy-efficient engines and the harmful emissions are nearly zeroed down. Fossil fuels like petrol and diesel are eliminated, as the battery can be charged on electricity and it is also a cheaper option. Solar panels can be used to provide the required energy to power up the EV car batteries, thereby proving to be even more advantageous. The Electric Vehicle Sales Market is projected to reach 15,070.2 vehicles by 2027 in Dubai and UAE markets.

Sustainable Farming

It is indeed a mammoth task to feed 8 billion people! This puts a lot of pressure on agriculture and farming, thereby leading to adopting some unreliable sources to increase yield quickly and earn some bucks. However, now that technology has become a hero, it is being integrated into farming activities to practice the ethical growth of food crops. Smart tractors, GPS technology, and the use of crop management systems are being used increasingly to avoid the usage of harmful fertilizers and thereby save lives. It also improves livestock and the yield of milk production, thereby benefiting the owner. Technology and farming, therefore, are a perfect match made in heaven. AgTech in GCC regions is especially a challenge due to the arid conditions, depleting groundwater levels, and harsh temperatures. However, the government is making fruitful efforts in the right direction to improve the condition and set an example for other regions.

Robots that help make the planet Greener

There is a Robot that can monitor the seabed and tell us what the condition is down under. Collecting samples of oxygen can help researchers find a solution to maintain ecological balance for the underwater world. The pipe crawler Robot can enter the sewage pipeline and find any defects or leakages within. This saves many lives of men who would have to do the hard work of entering the sewage system and manually clean up the blockages. Waste was usually dumped into landfills and left to rot without any monitoring. The new Waste Recycling Robot is now a superhero that is saving lives. It helps in the segregation of matter as per; plastic, glass, and metal, and then streamlines the recycling process. Now that we have seen how Technology integration is making the world greener and saving us from getting completely doomed, it is best to understand and educate our children in time, so that they can grow up into responsible citizens and use the appropriate technology to foster a healthy living.

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