Benefits of Investing Time Playing Videogames

The Gaming sector is booming rapidly and is expected to be worth $321 by 2026, as per a report by PwC. During the Covid-19 lockdown, it was surprising to find out that millions of teens and adults explored gaming and many became addicted to it.

Gaming For Good Reasons: 

It Stimulates the Mind

It’s indeed very thrilling to be able to score points and advance to higher levels of challenges by opting to invest time & energy in playing video games. Video games can make your brain sharper by compelling you to think more quickly and take decisions in the spur of the moment. It is safe to say that video gaming increases your grey matter! It tends to improve one’s memory and of course, over time your decision-making process will get smoother. 

Improves Problem-Solving Capabilities

Every game you indulge in has a specific strategy to comply with. Multi-player games are designed with twists & turns, much like a puzzle that take-up the player’s time and skill to solve. When children learn to solve gaming disputes, they gain confidence and are in a better position to apply the learning in real-world scenarios.

Fantasy Facilitates Imagination

Though games are fiction-based, children get introduced to characters that demonstrate some kind of superpower or special ability that they can look up to. Soon these characters become admirable, much like Role Models to kids, and then students mimic these positive traits from them. For example; saving the world and being a good person is a superpower that video game characters might demonstrate, thus imbibing the same values in oneself.

Spatial Visualization Capabilities

Spatial visualization is the ability to visualize and manipulate 2-D objects and 3-D figures in your mind to be able to manipulate or build something meaningful. Playing video games has a lot of graphics and scenes that are mapped out in a virtual environment. Players need promptness to decide their next move and swiftly navigate from one location to the other, and this process happens first in the head via visualization and later played via the consoles. The subject of Geography requires similar visualization skills, where students need to remember maps & different terrains, thus making the process easier.

Positive Effects on Mental Health

With all the stress from studies and extra-curricular work, children get bogged down and need a break. Video Games are a good stress reliever from monotony and offer a refreshing boost that enhances the mood and makes the player more joyful & enthusiastic. Deep thinking and strategizing improve concentration and stats even show that those who suffer from anxiety & depression recover faster with the help of video games.

Improves Social Interaction

Introverts are more inclined towards enjoying solitary activities and thus a video game becomes their best friend. Introverted personality people enjoy creativity & playing games is an outlet to express their creative talents. Though face-to-face interaction may seem too much for a shy person, meeting players virtually kind of leads to less awkwardness. Teaming up with a stranger and eventually becoming their virtual friend, is a good start and the feeling of security & inclusiveness is fostered. 

Gaming isn’t just limited to video games, but the gamut of the industry is vast. There are 1000’s of apps that provide educational games and even teach children the basics of STEAM (the new-age curriculum followed by schools in Dubai and other regions of the Middle East).
Code Monkey is a virtual coding platform that introduces various courses to children of ages 4 to 14+. They have cool coding courses such as; Banana Tales, Beaver Achiever, Dodo Does Math, etc. to make lessons interesting, yet drive concept clarity. Educators and parents trust Code Monkey across the GCC regions, including the UAE, to help budding coders learn important computer science concepts in an easy game-like way.

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