Coding Skills That Boost Brain Development

In the next 10 years, almost 50% of jobs worldwide will be automated and we need to equip our children with skills to be able to understand and control this artificial intelligence and make more of their own. Besides professional opportunities, Robotify encourages students to produce original ideas, with the tools and resources as well as boosts creativity, collaboration skills critical thinking, and problem-solving. Many schools in Dubai, UAE have been opting for it as students have access to the latest robots without ever having to purchase real hardware. You simply have to log into your account, choose your topic and start coding on any device that has a good browser and internet connection. With Robotify, coding and robotics is made more affordable and accessible.

Robotify also offers many leagues which you can take part in. These are advanced levels of coding where you can participate in international, virtual robotics competitions. Many schools in GCC & Middle East have been found to register for Roboduel which is one such multiplayer platform. VRAD has teams registered to compete anywhere in the world with any device. Robotify in partnership with The REC Foundation has created the world’s first global multiplayer virtual aerial drone competition.


Robotify present real-life challenges in extraordinary virtual environments such as ‘Marine Biology Survery course which uses LIR to take pictures and develop a database of underwater life in the ocean. Under their varied courses, you will find many such scenarios from space adventures to Treasure troves. You learn while you code and play games.

Robotify is just one of the ways you can learn coding in a gamified, accessible and effective manner. Coding is definitely one of the much-needed skills you need to acquire in today’s digital world. Not only that, but coding has been found to boost cognitive thinking, memory as well as problem solving skills. Artificial intelligence and coding have proved to be humanity’s greatest innovation of man and machine partnership.

Studies have shown that software engineers who code on a regular basis have higher movement in parts of the brain related with both math and language. They have more dynamic brains in a few areas with superior cognitive execution and alertness. Practicing such a complex and multifaceted ability like coding, boosts the brains capacity to learn.

Coding initiates different regions within the brain which forges new neural pathways. Repeated use of these newly formed pathways, fortifies and reinforces them akin to how doing a monotonous movement builds muscle memory. Coding improves your brains cognitive aptitudes and memory which then also spills onto your daily applications and jobs.

Visual preparation is a cognitive ability that is vital in learning math and reading. These subjects require quick eye development and integration of approaching data quickly. In the event that this ability is powerless, a child will learn at a slower pace. Coding requires you to quickly assimilate approaching data quickly.

Coding is process of consistent investigating. In the event that you’re stuck, you experiment with unused things repeatedly until it works. The investigating handle in coding hones this skill. Coding requires you to keep in mind what worked and what didn’t and later utilize that lesson at a later time when you’re building a comparable app.

Problem solving is the skill that empowers you to characterize issues, shape arrangements, and choose the most excellent course of activity. Getting bugs in your code is unavoidable. Fortunately, the method of finding and eliminating bugs trains children to be imaginative in tackling these problems.

This article hopefully, has shed some light on the effects of this new learning activity called coding, on children’s cognitive development, memory and problem-solving skills.

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