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The world’s leading software engineers and web developers all showed an interest in programming early on as children and they all believe that it is never too early to start learning how to code. The past thirty years have shown that the digital world is growing by leaps and bounds and it will only increase as time passes. Cities such as Dubai, Singapore etc are highly digitalized. Programming or Coding is predicted to become an integral part of future professions and an inseparable part of everyday working life. Within the GCC, Middle East and UAE coding is one of the most desired skills and has been one of the highest-paying jobs with diversified career opportunities. Through coding, we can make perform a variety of functions such as develop software, websites, applications, video games and so much more.

Digital learning starts as early as fourth grade, enabling children to be stimulated and motivated to create more and more. It is no wonder then that teens create apps that are worth millions of dollars today.

One of the more important skills to acquire is to know how to build a website. There are some website that allow users to design their own web pages using pre-designed templates which can be customised. The web page is under the umbrella of the provider and is usually free. It does not require any technical knowledge and can be done within a couple of hours. You can have you page up and running within minutes of signing up. Additional features are also available for a nominal monthly fee. These websites are Wix, Tilda and WordPress. They are great for small business or informal pages on the internet. Interested kids can start by making a webpage about themselves, their family, friends etc. In this way they will learn how websites work and at the same time develop creative and logical thinking as well as problem solving skills.

With limited access, website builders such as the above may fail to capture interest and engagement over a prolonged period of time. Hence, online coding courses are the next step for a more formalised and structured approach to teaching web development. Depending on what skills your child needs to learn you can opt from an array of resources available online. These platforms help develop coding skills to create games, cartoons, build websites etc. CodeMonkey, Codespark and Scratch are examples of such fun and free platforms.

Advanced Web Development will entail learning the two important technologies of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for building websites. HTML defines the structure of the page and CSS specifies the layout of the elements on that page. By using these two codes, kids will be able to build simple and complex web interfaces and understand how things work.

In the world of digital transformations, having an online presence is vital for businesses and individuals. Code Monkey recognises this and targets the children of today by using a gamification process of teaching. This ensures that the childs interest is always held onto and they return to complete goals everyday. CodeMonkey has award-winning courses which teach millions of students to learn how to code in real programming languages. It offers an engaging and enjoyable curriculum for schools, after-school clubs and camps as well as self-paced online courses to learn coding at home. It recognises the tremendous need for coding in a child’s future and provides it in a playful and effective way.

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