What is Python? An Introduction to Game Based Python Course by CodeMonkey

Python is a programming language that is dynamic and is used by over 8.2 million developers worldwide. It has become the world’s most popular programming language lately and is used for multifold purposes.

The History of Python

This programming language was designed by Guido van Rossum in 1991 and was developed by Python Software Foundation. It was curated for easy readability of codes and to explain important concepts in fewer lines. The intention was to make coding as easy as ABC, thereby rendering it a suitable option for beginner-level coders, as well as experts. The project first started as a hobby out of the programmer’s boredom to do something during his Christmas break, until it grew so huge, that techies can’t imagine working without it today. Too good to be true indeed!


What is Python Used For?

Python is used for multiple reasons such as data analytics, machine learning, and even designing. Let us understand in greater detail why Python is such a favorite amongst coders.

Used for Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of machines by adding human-like intelligence. To construct AI, the developer needs specific hardware and software for writing and training the machine learning algorithms. Python is reputed for being a stable programming language and can handle large amounts of data labels for analyzing information and making strong correlations. Moreover, AI is capable of solving complex problems, not letting the programmer down through his coding journey. Since it’s a universal language it has wide acceptability in Dubai & also globally.

Data Analytics

Just as AI needs Python to support its programming needs, data analytics also heavily relies on it. So, what exactly is data analytics? In simple terms, it is analyzing huge amounts of raw data and making meaningful conclusions over it. For great data manipulation, there is a requirement for an effective open-source language and Python is a perfect match for this purpose. The healthcare sector is constantly being facilitated by the usage of data analytics techniques to get insights into clinical information and diagnostic treatment for patients.

Web Development

Web developers love Python for creating informative websites, because of its advanced capabilities. This versatile language has the capacity to curate graphics, games, and web applications with utmost ease. It is also known for its high functionality and this translates into the development of amazing digital web properties. There are a lot of python libraries that you can access so that you don’t need to re-write certain basic functions, rather just use it from the library. Some important libraries are; Numpy, and scitLearn for data analysis & mathematical algorithms. Writing programs is a creative experience, and besides the above points, Python creates even more interesting opportunities to enhance the everyday coding experience.

What is CodeMonkey?

Code Monkey is a brilliant coding program for kids aged 6-14 years. Students learn to code in real programming language and over time it has become an award-winning platform. Children as young as 7 years start to solve puzzles and build gaming apps, as one does not need any prior experience to try their hands on using CodeMonkey. All the modules are easy, fun, and designed for school & extra-curricular reasons. Globally, the CodeMonkey app is such a rage that parents embrace this platform wholeheartedly and even schools in the UAE across the Middle East are advocates of the same.

CodeMonkey Lays the Foundation for Python Programming

In a game-like manner, the mascot Monkey from CodeMonkey is on a search for some bananas! Students will be entrusted with the responsibility of finding a path to help the monkey reach some bananas. The foundation of advanced computer science concepts is laid as children are introduced to the Python language. Kids will learn about sequencing, listing, indexing, looping, and variables, and align with the STEAM curriculum approach. 

Coding Concepts Taught through the Course

  • Sequencing
  • Lists & Indexing
  • For loops
  • Variables
  • If/Else Conditionals
  • While Loops
  • Boolean Operators
  • Functions

CodeMonkey indeed presents an unforgettable journey, helping students build a pathway for the monkey through advanced concepts. The lessons are pretty easy to understand and hints are provided at every step to make the experience more rewarding. For easy subscription to the CodeMonkey platform anywhere in the GCC area, just visit our website: https://knowledge-hub.com/

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