Helping Your Child with Math Homework: A Few Tips To Follow

Life is a learning curve! There are skills in which one shines and does exceedingly well and there are areas where one grapples and needs further assistance. When the right approach is followed, no task can ever be as daunting. The same goes with math which is often dreaded as a topic. As a parent you would always want your child to succeed in every sphere. Should you find your child struggling with math, we have identified some steps below wherein you can help them and reshape it into a subject that they will love.

Fresh Outlook

The anxiety for the subject is natural. It is not something that only your children undergo. Even as adults you may not have seen a Pythagoras theorem, a Trigonometry table, or an Algebra equation in a long time. That shouldn’t stop you from taking the effort once again with your child to go about with this subject. Firstly, developing a positive mindset toward math is utmost crucial. It is important what message you want to put out for your child to eventually get through all the home assignments triumphantly.

Apply Concepts in Daily Life

Learning math concepts is the basic step but when children are able to apply those to real life situations is when they grasp these concepts for life and will never forget them. Parents can undertake little activities at home involving numbers and calculations such as knowing how many days are pending to the next birthday or anniversary, counting the proportions of various ingredients going into cooking a meal, calculating the Dubai mall shopping bill, calculating how much balance to take from the shopkeeper if they have purchased a toy, and many such little transactions outside of the classroom that will give them practical clarity to math. If you travel with your children outside the Middle East or GCC countries, the currencies will be new for them. You can show them the conversion difference and how to calculate between the other world currencies as compared to the UAE

Parent-Teacher Coordination

It is teamwork that matters. You must get in touch with your child’s teacher and get an idea of their capabilities and know accurately the concepts with which they particularly get stuck with and thus you can help your child with a strategic plan to go about with, while they do their homework. Math hasn’t changed much but the teaching practices have evolved over the years. So, you could also ask the teacher as to how math is presently being taught and that will aid you at home with your child.

Get Creative

There are times when children get caught up at the outset of a math equation or a problem. They may feel they are not taking the correct step, so you could take that pressure off them. It is alright even if they are wrong but they should not bother so much. Here is when you can brainstorm with them and figure out creatively and list different ways to solve it. The idea is to ease their thought process and look for solutions without getting worried

Ascertain Confidence

While doing math homework, motivate your children to think and come up with an answer. They could even refer to a similar problem. Ask them to take a guess at least once they have somewhat calculated it. The answer may or may not be correct. This will instill confidence in them to solve problems with more ease using reference and a bit of their own logic and knowledge

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