Important Safety Rules That Every School Should Implement

A school is like a second home and educators have the dual responsibility of not only imparting knowledge, but also nurturing students so that their emotional needs are taken care of. The school environment plays an important role in creating a positive and safe haven for students to thrive and develop into well groomed individuals.

On the other hand, an unsafe school premise creates fear and uncertainty for children and they might feel threatened to come to school, making it an unpleasant affair. Imagine spending 6 hours of the day feeling uncomfortable about one’s basic safety, and ultimately losing trust in being able to receive a rightful education.

So how do schools create a pleasant environment for students? Before we answer that question, let us look at what comes under this overarching umbrella that defines safety in school.

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Physical Safety

Just as a workspace has regular safety drills and emergency equipment in place, a school premise too should take every measure to maintain safety. The building, its playground, science labs, classrooms, and libraries, must be fire & hazard compliant. The school staff & admin department must be trained to respond efficiently in times of crisis.

Monitored Safety

The school needs to be under 24*7 CCTV surveillance. Every nook & corner should be installed with a camera and the staff needs to be vigilant about monitoring the premise. This provides great relief to parents, as the school takes responsibility of ensuring that no child is being harrased, no intruder enters the premises, and there are no chances for accidents, while the school is functioning.

Safety Protocols In School Can Be Maintained With the Following:

Below are some safety protocols in school can be maintained with the following:

#1 Visitor Management System

Every time a visitor wants to enter the premises, the security prepares a gate pass, checks ID proof of the visitor, and takes a face picture of the attendee. Only when all details are authentic, and a confirmation is sought from the admin department, should the visitor be allowed into the school premise. There are many visitor management software available which make the process seamless by auto generating passes and sending notifications & approvals via the system.

#2 Metal Detectors

If you were to pass through security checking at an airport you would have to walk though metal detectors. Similarly the school security may need a hand held body scanner to examine the visitor and even the staff, every time they set foot on the premises. This will prevent any hazards from harming students with dangerous objects and further improve safety of the school.

#3 Alarm & Panic Buttons

Students & staff must be made aware of the alarm noise, which indicates some unforeseen event on the site. The idea is to safely gather everyone present in school at a spot which is out of danger, before things get heated up. An announcement usually follows the alarm with instructions of safe evacuation through the emergency staircases.

#4 Bus Surveillance

Real-time bus tracking system is another efficient safety mechanism to ensure utmost precautions while traveling from home to school and vice-versa. Parents get real-time tracking of their child’s bus journey and can even monitor the child’s activities via live CCTV footage. If there is a breakdown, an immediate notification is sent to parents or if the bus detours from the normal route, parents are made aware of the same. Next Learning Platform is a popular ERP software that integrates every aspect of safety on school buses, via its efficient transport tracking module.

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