Being a Good Coder is Not Just About Knowing Programming: There Is So Much More To It

You must be very proud of getting a software engineering degree from perhaps the most elite institutes in your region, but let us tell you the battle is only half won. Learning to code can get you a job at a multinational, but proving yourself requires more than just subject knowledge. Through this Blog, we aim to highlight those qualities that are essential for thriving within the work environment and be recognized as a productive team member of the organization.

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Effective Communicator

No matter how brilliant a code geek you are, that doesn’t make you efficient at being able shoulder the responsibilities of a project and derive amazing results from it. The most important skill that coders need to possess is being able to communicate effectively and in a timely manner. Of course the first step is listening. While having a discussion about the project requirement, take time to listen to what the ultimate ‘goal’ or ‘solution” your client or boss is looking to achieve. For example; as a coder you might be expected to develop an ‘app’ that is able to monitor the fitness levels of the user or be asked to devise a Robot that helps senior citizens with household chores. A good coder is able to explain the status of his work, whether or not it will be ready by the timeline, showcase the functioning of a prototype, and have an open discussion about modifying & making changes to the mechanism, to suit the requirements.

Have well-rounded knowledge

As a coder one needs to be brilliant at programming, but not only stick to having knowledge about a single technology, instead have a whole spectrum of information at his finger-tips. He must be aware of the latest developments in the tech space, be open to trying out new and improved techniques of coding, and use alternate methods to problem solving. As a specialist in the field, you need to know how technology interacts with different software, hardware, and networks, that sum-up the entire gamut of the project requirements.

Puzzle Solver

There is no doubt about the fact that an efficient coder is one who is good at solving puzzles. There would be so many bugs to fix and system-crashes to bear, until the final flawless solution is manifested. A coder’s resilience is tested every now & then and it is hazardous to have a breakdown in the middle of an assignment, both emotionally & work-wise. Having a cool mind, learning to work through problems, and gathering a team who can brainstorm & find solutions, is vital for overall success.

Adhering to Timelines

No one likes a subordinate who always skips deadlines and is to be reminded time & again for submitting his work tasks. As a developer, you have the responsibility to discuss realistic timelines with the project manager and in-turn keep your promise, such that there is no disappointment and delay, which affects the team’s deliverables. One needs to factor adversities and ask for some buffer to be included, so that there is sufficient time to fix unwanted bugs or accommodate additional requests later communicated by the manager. Timeliness is a sign of professionalism, and it showcases how committed you are to your work responsibilities.

Team player

Most job profiles require collaboration and teamwork and being a programmer pays even more emphasis on the ability to work with others. Imagine sitting in a room alone and writing algorithms single-handedly until it gets too overwhelming to handle. A competent coder always invites others to join-in, is open to brainstorming, shares problems & glitches with others, and together works on the best possible action which is agreeable by all.

While it’s too far fetched for you to imagine your 5 year old kindergarten child to be the best coder at his job a few decades down the line, as a parent you can atleast introduce the subject to him and take a step to inculcate a liking towards the same.

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