Gamified Coding: Develop Stories, Share Ideas, and Create Animations

It’s very normal for kids to stay glued to laptops and mobile devices for hours, as outdoor play has now been taken over by gamified experiences online. Though entertainment is the main purpose of these digital activities, some of them have multifold benefits like; imparting knowledge, alongside being fun & game!

Well, if your child grows up to be a future programmer, then the seeds of his interest could be attributed to the ardent interest he developed during his childhood days while playing coding games.

Here are some examples of the best coding activities for beginners;

Code Combat

This gaming website is famous amongst those who enjoy playing it rough on the battlefield! With over 20 million learners across 190 countries, including Dubai in the Middle East, Code Combat has made its way to enthusiastic coders who appreciate learning programming through hands-on games. Their vision is to teach real-world skills to kids through the power of play. The level of difficulty keeps advancing, as the student gains more experience until he becomes a pro!


This is a super-fun, yet productively enriching platform for students. Codemoji encourages learners to create their own personalized websites using Codemoji’s HTML and CSS site builder. One can even try their hands-on curating different animations with Codemoji’s unique and user-friendly animation builder. Its computer science curriculum specially caters to students of 1st – 8th standard teaching them basics of web development and coding, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript, in a fun and easy way.


Are you ready to ace the battlefield? Robocode is a programming game that allows learners to develop a robot battle tank and battle against other tanks in Java or .NET. The battle takes place in a real-time fashion and you can partake as a contender. The participant has to instruct the tank on what step it needs to undertake, under what event or scenario, by writing rules in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Many schools and universities have incorporated Robocode in their teaching curriculum, to make lessons light-hearted and easy to comprehend.


Students from 5 to 18 are promised an immersive game-like experience and presented with interactive tutorials so that they can get started with coding! Through guided voice instructions, children learn to solve problems using logic, create simple apps, and delve deeper into STEM subjects. Some of their interesting games featured for the 5-7 age group include; Barbie™ Pet Vet!, Candy Quest, Wild Rumble, and many others. Now that sounds super exciting!


Robotify guides students to master complex skills related to math, coding, and critical thinking, which are important 21-st century skills. Learners get 24/7 access to their personal fleet of virtual robots, with over 900 gamified coding challenges to undertake. Going virtual removes the hassle and expense of hardware, thereby making coding and robotics more affordable and accessible to all. One can experience real-life challenges in incredible 3D virtual environments and even collaborate on coding projects with other students. Robotify’s popularity in the UAE and other GCC regions is very much in sync with the Middle East nation’s vision of excelling in technology and always remaining amongst the most digitally advanced economies in the world.



Scratch is the simplest way to get children started with coding! It has garnered appreciation for its simple ‘drag and drop’ block coding method and has become the world’s largest coding community for children. It allows kids as young as elementary school to develop digital stories, play relevant games, and design animations via its platform. Scratch is popular in more than 200 different countries and territories and is available in over 70 languages. Scratch features recent projects that are created by budding coders so that everyone can learn from each other’s projects and broaden their ideas. Are you joining the scratch community?

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