Tried & Tested Routine and Tips for Students to Practice Before Exams

Pressure from school and high expectations from parents, can add to the exam stress most students have to undergo. Generally, students aren’t very fond on studies, and avoid doing homework or revising concepts taught in class until the very last minute. The built-up overburdened study stress affects the student’s state of mind, especially before an important board examination.

Here are some tips and routine to follow before an Exam

Make a Study Schedule

Enlist all the subjects and the chapters that are to be included in the upcoming examination. Prepare a timetable for each day and try to balance out topics. For example; don’t attempt to study or revise all difficult topics in one day. Pair one easy social science topic with another difficult problem-solving sum from trigonometry.

Allocate Time for Revision

Revision is the key! The more a student practices, the easier it gets to attempt the exam paper. There are multiple mock tests available, so its wise to undertake these mock papers, so that the examinee knows exactly how much time to allocate to each section of the answer paper and is well-prepared to attempt any type of question that comes their way.

Use Unique Study Methods

If you are learning about a topic that has many stages; say for example; the lifecycle of a butterfly, use flashcards and draw each stage on a separate flashcard. Write the explanation at the back of the flashcard, and this is how students are most likely to remember the step-wise patterns. You could also try to concise the main pointers and make keywords; like VIBGYOR is the abbreviation that helps one remember the 7 colors of a rainbow. Watching videos and reading novels to get a better understanding of the concept, also works well.

Make Study Notes

Research shows that when you write down points, you are likely to remember the facts for a longer period. Especially in the age of digital information, where most students are glued to laptops and notepads, usage of pen & paper has become rare. However, writing on paper not only helps retain information, but also improves the student’s handwriting, thereby preparing to create a better impression for the examiner.

Minimize Distractions

Ban the usage of smartphones, so that one doesn’t spend too much time browsing through social media platforms, which is a complete waste of time. Also do not touch that TV remote, until exams are over. Pack those video games and place it on the topmost shelf of your cupboard! Utilize time to meaningfully study, by avoiding any sort of unwanted distraction.

Practice Yoga & Meditation

Even a 45-minute routine of yoga & meditation goes a long way in helping students re-focus. Yoga helps improve concentration and meditation calms the mind. Especially for students who are hyper and have low concentration levels, yoga & meditation helps manifold. Simply sit in one place with your legs crossed and observe your breath.

Get Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential, if you don’t want to pass out during an exam. A sound sleep is a must to help the brain retain information and get the clarity & focus required on exam day.

Eat Healthy & Stay Hydrated

Eating a well-balanced meal that includes proteins, fibers, and carbohydrates, helps the body and mind stay active through the day. Especially when you are dedicating extra effort to work your memory overtime just before an exam, one needs good nutrition to stay physically strong and mentally alter.

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