Robotics by Misty: Your Personal Programmable Companion

Misty II is the first of its kind professional-grade ‘personal robot’ which allows developers to experiment and unleash the magic of this new-age Robot. She has a lot of promise as a teaching tool for educators who have some experience with coding. Misty may aid you in accomplishing your objectives in a variety of ways. She is happy to cooperate with you on anything from coding to robotics ideas to cutting-edge technology.

Misty is a pal even to students, as numerous schools following the STEAM curriculum have introduced this super-Robot to middle school and high school children. Especially in countries like Dubai, in the Middle East, and GCC areas allow children to learn by hands-on activities and watch their ideas come to life, which keeps them interested and enthusiastic in learning about computers, technology, and Robotics. Misty delivers scalability as a single development platform with a lot of characteristics. She is adjustable and fascinating for youngsters with numerous hobbies, ranging from 3D printing attachments, to face recognition activities and even coding abilities on the Arduino.

Capabilities Demonstrated by Misty

Misty is ready for developers to design skills that make full use of her powers when it comes to recognizing and identifying humans, interacting through speech (third-party NLP integrations), snapping images, gathering data, and sharing. Much effort has been concentrated on making it simple for developers to construct. Developers may access a large variety of tools, such as a pre-built Command Center, Skill Runner, and API Explorer, utilizing Misty’s user-friendly JavaScript or C# SDK interface. Her items are accompanied by thorough documentation, sample code, and tutorials.

Character Customization

Customizing your characters is a cinch due to Misty’s huge range of eye and voice packs. Misty can show everything from adoration to fear, love to silliness, surprise to tiredness, and anything in between because of her features. Misty can sway, point, dance, or lift her arms in enthusiasm with a single line of code, or you can employ her three-degree-of-freedom neck to do it automatically. Misty has you covered a range of tasks like; bespoke 3D-printed grabbing arms, sensors for your company, or teaching your youngsters how to construct attachments for aesthetic purposes. The CAD models for Misty’s shell can be easily sourced, as well as a number of “blank” components for several of her attachment points that will help you to construct & code (such her arm sockets, head panel, and trailer hitch).

Capacitive Touch

Each of Misty’s six capacitive touch panels is situated in a separate section of her head—four on top, one beneath her chin, and one on the back handle. You may program Misty to respond to human contact by moving and expressing personality, or you can utilize these panels to let people participate with your talent (for example, tap Misty’s head to change settings and touch her chin to choose). Misty’s abilities mainly depend on capacitive touch.

Picture Capturing, Collection, and Sharing

Misty’s visor features a high-resolution camera that enables her to capture images and record movies. Misty may be photographing intruders while doing a security assignment, or she may be evaluating visual data in pursuit of a particular object. It is absolutely up to you how Misty utilizes this information. We tested giving visual data for in-depth analysis using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services APIs, which offers information about Misty’s surroundings for her to apply elsewhere in the ability. You can send Misty a text message, and she’ll respond with a snapshot of what she’s watching. These are just two instances of how Misty’s picture capturing, collection, and sharing capabilities may be put to use.

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