Interesting Careers of Math Lovers

Disliking numbers and Math as a subject has become a stereotype. It is assumed that learners in school hate Math and find it uninteresting to grasp concepts of algebra & geometry. However, some children are gifted with analytical thinking, and they actually enjoy ‘solving problems’ and dealing with ‘numbers’. A recent survey undertaken amongst 1000 students concluded than 46% of kids love Math. Isn’t this a positive reinforcement! More & more students are actually gaining interest in the subject thanks to the interesting teaching methodologies & play-way methods introduced via Math learning apps. Mathseeds is one such interesting platform chosen by moms and teachers across the world, and also in the Middle East countries such as; GCC including UAE, to help kids make ‘Math their best friend.’

Students who have a liking for the subject, may further pursue their higher studies; BSc in Mathematics and Statistics and go on to find suitable jobs in this domain. Here are a few career opportunities for ‘Math lovers.’


The world will need to produce 50% more food by the year 2050 to feed a population of 9 billion people. Where did this figure come from and who projected this? Well that’s the job of statisticians. Experts analyze past data and patterns by forming pie charts & graphs and then make a prediction about the future trend by working out a formula. This is majorly what statisticians do. Every field employs statisticians, be it an insurance agency who wants to get a probability of the number of ‘policy claims’ that will come up in the next year or healthcare industry who want to understand the rise in ‘cancer patients’ and research on a medical cure for it.


Did you know Math can be used to solve real world problems? If there were no Math geniuses, the world would perhaps not be a ‘better place to be in’ with each progressive year. Applied Mathematicians are people who use ‘math models’, ‘theories’ and ‘formula’ appropriate to business, politics, and engineering to invent a new way of working or improve efficiency or even invent something big. Theoretical Mathematicians on the other hand, develop new models in Math, which can be used as a theorem by the future generations to solve number problems with more precision. Those inclined towards the subject can also become Math professors in colleges.


Economists collect data through surveys and samples on the ‘issue’ or ‘topic’ they are working on and then prepare charts to form forecasts for the economic well-being of the community. Economists basically study how people are using resources available to them; such as; land, labor, machine, etc. and thereby prepare a case study on the supply & demand of the same. This information is used to increase/decrease costs, manipulate exchange rates, and decide terms of contract for businesses. Government bodies hire economists to gain authentic advice on market trends and alleviate economic problems such as; unemployment, poverty, and production rate.

Aerospace Engineer

If your child is excited about spacecrafts, rockets and has an inclination towards ‘space travel’, then Aerospace Engineering could be a good career option. Aerospace Engineers develop new technologies to enhance the efficiency of spacecrafts and get involved in testing the machines, before they are launched into space. The Engineer puts certain Math theories to work while designing the body and the spacecraft’s components, so that astronauts can comfortably travel to the ‘moon and back’ and bring back interesting ‘pictures’ from space.


These are just a career options that we listed out, however believe us, the possibilities are endless. Other job prospects for Mathematically inclined persons include; Actuary Services, Financial Analyst, Astronomer, Data Analyst, Computer Programmer, amongst many more.

So next time your kiddo tells you he wants to be a ‘Neuropsychologist’ which also required good understanding of numbers, encourage him to make the most of the Mathseeds app and gain better understanding of concepts to outshine others in their Dubai International IB School.

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