Teaching Kids to Become Prudent Investors

The beginnings of savings starts with the use of piggy banks. By teaching kids as early as 3-years-old, they can grow up to be financially prepared and investment savvy. Kids need to learn the concept of saving, spending, donating, and investing. They must be encouraged to have good habits and take small steps now, to secure a future of being ‘money wise’.

Our goal should be to raise kids as grownups. If kids learn how to invest like millionaires by the age of 21, it is likely that they will have learned good financial habits to make it happen soon. Tell your kids about the benefits of investment and build their interest in investment as it is very significant to make them prudent investors. Familiarize them with the concepts of saving and investment at a young age, as it is the right time so that they will be able to make the right and profitable choices in the future!

Here’s good news for parents, TechnoKids is an amazing company that helps develop and polish investment skills in kids so the people in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East can access this company and get different lesson plans and courses related to stock market games for the kids.

Characteristics and Capabilities

TechnoKids is a combination of technology projects. It consists of interesting computer activities for kids of all age groups. TechnoKids uses detailed computer lessons and resources to teach the students. TechnoKids have projects with computer lesson plans for kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Every project has a teacher guide for curriculum planning, a student workbook with handbooks to promote independence, and resources to reinforce learning. Following are the projects offered by TechnoKids in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East:

  • Complete Collection
  • TechnoWonderland
  • TechnoArcade
  • TechnoToon
  • TechnoRestaurant
  • TechnoBudget

These different projects offered by TechnoKids helps in building new and interesting investment abilities in kids.


Significant Tips to Teach Kids to Become Prudent Investors

Teach them the basics from saving to investment

At a very young age, we start to teach our kids about savings and their benefits for the future. We tell our kids to save a little amount of their pocket money in their piggy banks so that they can use them later, similarly telling them about the perks of investments we can make our kids prudent investors. It is one of the best yet fail-proof tips to teach kids about investments.

Don’t Forget Giving

The greatest investors like Warren Buffett believe in giving cash gifts. When you give cash gifts to your kids, they learn to save some of that in the bank and to donate some of it to charity before spending.

Teach them stories

All kids love to listen to stories so you can tell them about interesting investment ideas and stories and build their interest in investments. Share your investment plan with them and tell them why you are and the benefits you will enjoy later. Invent a character ‘Mr. Money Saver’ and glorify his major savings vs. prudent spending, so that children realize in difficult times ‘money’ that was saved, came handy.

Know About your child’s learning style

Every child is different in their learning style. Being a parent, you know best about your child’s learning style and interests, so be a kid with your kids and teach them in their way. According to your kid’s interest, you can use different methods and sources such as pictures, smartphones, videos, etc.

TechnoKids helps in teaching kids to become prudent investors and offers great projects, lesson plans, and courses to kids. It is an amazing opportunity for people living in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East



An Innovative Stock Market Game

TechnoInvestor by TechnoKids is an interesting project which is an innovative stock market game.

This project consists of the following features:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Customizable Resources
  • Assessment Tools
  • Extension Activities
  • Sample Files
  • Templates
  • Parent Letters
  • Certificates

TechnoInvestor Will Teach the Following Stock Marketing Skills to The Students:

Innovative Stock Market Game

It teaches advanced spreadsheet skills to the kids as they play the role of stockbrokers in the game. In the game, the kids form the investment teams to buy and sell fictitious stock- which helps them learn the concept of marketing. In this game, kids use Excel to track the portfolio, make decisions, add conditional formatting, graph earnings, and prepare reports as investors.

Foster Financial Literacy

It helps in relating mathematics to real-world simulation and builds students’ interests through interesting and engaging tasks.

Boosts Collaboration

This game offers four trading sessions to the students. They start it by reading the company’s newsletters and profiles that update them about market events that impact stock companies. In groups, students make decisions to buy and sell stock. Then they record trades individually.

There are many other skills for the kids. This project will enhance and polish the knowledge of students on the stock market, the basics of buying and selling, how to stay updated about the market events, the use of Excel, word, and spreadsheets in stocks, and much more.

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