Investing in myOn is Equivalent To Investing In Your Child’s Future

As a student, one of the best habits you can instill is reading. With limitless topics, you can explore the world of fiction, non-fiction, history, biographies, etc.

Developing the habit of reading is a crucial step that needs to be taken care of at both the institution and at home. It is teamwork that will lead to such great results.

Apart from making it a habit, it is also a requirement to attain knowledge. Any student enrolled in any grade, even at primary levels, needs first to develop the recognition of letters, alphabets, word formation, etc. It will enable them to read and write in their future levels and life in general.

It is scientifically proven that reading benefits the reader in more than one way. It also develops a creative cognitive part in the reader’s mind. It helps them be more creative than the people who are less prone to reading.

Being the global hub, Dubai, GCC, UAE, and Middle East encourage schools to employ technologies that enable the students to benefit. One such helpful application is myOn. It is an application that the schools can buy and let the students use it.



myOn is a digital library. It has more than 6,000 enhanced books from various genres and is available online. It has books and reading material appropriate for students of all grades and levels.

All users can personalize it. They can set up the app as per their interests, and this virtual library will have unlimited books to suit the individual’s interest. The myOn® reader is a student-oriented, customizable literacy environment.

This app also has a variant that is called myOn News. It can be bought in a bundle with myOn or separately.

The app is easily available in Dubai, GCC, the Middle East, and UAE. With an ever-growing population of immigrants and natives, the wards admitted in schools are also increasing. It makes a larger market for apps like myOn. But the first step is to implement the app in schools and promote it to students.


Benefits of Reading

It is a habit that benefits students, but it leaves a positive impact on people of all age groups. The benefits are also for the society as a whole as more readers mean a more literate society. Most of the benefits are long-term and can be passed on to others, such as;

  • Strengthens the Reader’s Brain: It helps the brain retain new knowledge gained via reading stories & biographies. It will help the student in their academic life and the long term.
  • Vocabulary Building: New words are added to the person’s vocabulary.
  • Creative Thinking: The Reader has more knowledge compared to non-readers. They can be more creative with ideas and other work in their daily lives and projects and assignments.
  • Reduces Stress: It is a great way to divert attention. If the reader is facing any stress or issues, reading for a few minutes will let the mind relax and think clearly.
  • Opens Areas of Interest: Reading material with information about general knowledge develops students’ interest in current affairs. Children who read stories about the inner lives of characters better understand the feelings and beliefs of others.

So do your children a favor by getting the MyOn app, and help them build a more defined character, based on good habits – because every book matters.

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