Learning Never Stops with LEGO® Education’s Hybrid Model


What is LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime?

A robot or kit designed for middle school students to help in education and assignments. It was launched recently and is a kit that links LEGO® bricks to sensors, motors, and coding and wraps all these into lesson plans. The primary purpose of Lego® SPIKE™ Prime is to keep students engaged in playful activities that allow them to think and come up with solutions to complex problems.

It is also beneficial to enhance the learning level. The main components of Lego® SPIKE™ Prime are to combine the colorful Lego® elements, coding language, and easy-to-use hardware. This new education system is designed for students of age ten and up, from sixth to eighth grade. This solution was introduced in April 2020 by Lego® Education, an education-focused toys building manufacturer.

Covid-19 instigated the makers to introduce this idea for a smooth educational process, especially in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East.

Why Education is Challenging in the Covid Pandemic?

During Covid, GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East adopted a
stay-at-home policy. Continuing education with the same spirit and keeping the creative phenomenon on. As a result, online classes were introduced. These online classes posed a challenge to teachers and as well for parents. In those difficult times, an educational toy manufacturer company introduced Lego® Education SPIKE™  Prime to continue education without any hassle and disturbance.

It is crucial to provide engaging and relevant learning experiences that help students develop resilience. Educators worldwide try to cope with the disruption in their pupils’ education due to the pandemic.


What is the Hybrid Model?

Managing class and making lesson plans is always an important and challenging task. Still, during Covid, it became more challenging due to online classes in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East. So at Lego® Education, hybrid learning methods were adopted to support education from home by delivering kits to the student’s house and conducting classes online, until it is safe to get back to school in full swing. The hybrid model has different lesson plans that give students an authentic learning experience.

How Lego® Education SPIKE™  Prime Provides a Solution?

When schools were closed in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East for students and teachers, then Lego education came up with the solution of Lego® Education SPIKE™  Prime to build confidence and prepare students for life beyond school. Lego education provides the ultimate solution while adopting a classroom set or buying a personal kit for home use. If the school doesn’t have a playful learning STEAM experience, students can buy that system for home use.

Lego® Education SPIKE™  Prime gives the robotic system to teachers and students to continue education in Covid times in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East.

What is Included in Lego® Education SPIKE™ Prime?

Lego® Education SPIKE™ Prime has all the elements that make the education process easy and smooth as Lego® Education SPIKE™ Prime comes with over 600 LEGO elements, including large wheels, gear racks, a color sensor, and a large motor, plus a unique maker plate for accessible building with your choice of single-board computing devices such as (SBC).

The set also has a Lego® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set (45678) and the free SPIKE™ App that helps launch students and teachers into the exciting world of robotics competitions, with over 10 hours of curriculum-based competition-ready learning. This Lego® Education SPIKE™ Prime solution brings ease and creativity to the educational system.

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