Things Students Should Know About Technology by the Fifth Grade

It is a no-brainer that technology is extremely crucial in our modern lives. The current age that we live in, thrives on technology. It has become a way of being, so much so that we cannot do without it. From the simplest to the most complicated tasks that we undertake in our daily life involves some or the other form of technology. The human race is constantly enhancing various kinds of technologies to make life secure and simpler for one and all.

Technology is zooming the world ahead. Take Dubai for that matter. Could one envisage that it could prosper to this unimaginable level where centuries ago it was just desert land? Not only Dubai but even the other Emirates have progressed phenomenally over the years. The world usually looks towards the West for having supreme technology and having been so advanced in all spheres of life. The United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, and the GCC countries are not far behind but are growing to be almost equal in stature when it comes to the kind of living they offer which is technologically forward and gives its residents an opulent lifestyle. The Expo 2020 Dubai is a classic example of validating what we say. The relevant people from interesting pockets of the world have arrived at the United Arab Emirates and Dubai being the proud host is indeed inspiring visitors to build a future for everyone.

Much as all age groups of people are inclined towards technology, the younger generation is more drawn towards it organically from a small age. We call them the gen-next kids. They are barely little or by the time they learn to speak and walk, you will find them surrounded by gadgets. As they grow older going to school and college, their tech knowledge knows no limits.

Of course, there are pros and cons to every facet but technology is such that nobody can ignore and put aside and we all, adults, and children, can only learn and grow along with it. Like we said, a lot of children pick up technology on their own while a few may need some prodding, guidance and motivation and showing them the right way to use it. Whatever career path they may decide to choose later, would require sufficient tech skills considering the fast-paced world we are in. The responsibility of parents and teachers is imperative so that children get the right tech know-how to be able to pursue any role. Today we bring to you important tech-related key pointers in no particular order that we feel students should know about technology at least by the fifth grade.

  1. They must be capable and responsible for handling their personal emails as well as remembering passwords, not sharing them, and having timely communication and the right online etiquette as well as understanding what comes under the safe bracket while being online on emails or while surfing and not falling prey to bullying or hacking. They should be eager to ask questions and have a warm rapport with their parents and not hide things if they have made a mistake.
  2. Further to handling emails and using search engines like Google for their projects, they should also be able to handle other Google tools like Drive, Docs, Sheets, Photos, etc. which will aid them for their studies. They should start taking an interest in the simpler things and then move on to operating complicated tools and software.
  3. They should be able to handle tech issues that could arise with regards to a home computer or a laptop such as connecting a Bluetooth or a Wi-fi device or issues with an HDMI port or with Flash drives or as simple as refreshing a web page or connecting the phone to the television.
  4. Once they have a fair understanding of the working of the hardware and software, they will be confident enough to make their own PowerPoint presentations and present them on a slide using the right port and connecting with the projector.
  5. They must be pro, alert, and responsible with the operations of regular devices such as using headphones, operating the TV and AC remotes, turning the power on or off for larger gadgets, handling a home security camera or a phone that is connected to the building security and so on.
  6. They must have a sufficient typing speed of 20 wpm words per minute) on a keyboard and if that doesn’t happen then they should practice and get it to the required level and beyond which will help them to get their work done faster.
  7. Beyond being careful and responsible, they must learn to be grateful for the things they have received from their parents. Technology can get expensive and every device comes at a price. Children should use them well, take care of devices so that they can run longer. Kids should be neat and organized with keeping their stuff together whether it is tech-related or even otherwise so that they know where to reach out for something and know exactly where it is rather than being all over the place messily.


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