Fun Activities to Build Vocabulary

Reading is of paramount importance when it comes to learning and we cannot lay more emphasis on how reading contributes to building one’s vocabulary organically and effectively. Whether it is English which is spoken across the world or any other language of the UAE or the Middle East, reading is crucial. From a very young age, children must be encouraged to develop the habit of reading books or any content that captivates their interest as per their age. If it is not imposed on them, but given to them naturally, they will happily take it up as a hobby and will figure out their own way to enhance their knowledge. We must never underestimate the mind of a young child and its capabilities. They must be guided well and then they should be left to discover their unique path and findings. This way they will learn new words and expand their vocabulary.

Imagine if you just had to give them difficult words to learn and mug up and reproduce the spellings and pronunciations without understanding its true essence, they will never enjoy that kind of education and, nor will they remember anything. Like we said, the process has to be very natural and smooth as every child’s receptiveness varies. Some may quickly remember and build their vocabulary, while some may struggle with spellings, meanings, and pronunciations. The child will learn at his or her own pace and the parent must be patient with them and then they will see their child confidently conversing, writing, using the right language, grammar and build great vocabulary in only a matter of time. Parents can read to their children aloud or let them read on their own. They can later quiz them and ask them questions related to the content. Difficult words can be noted separately and can be repeated again so that it strongly establishes in their vocabulary. It should all be done effortlessly by the educator, so that it never seems boring or the children made to seem to be put in a spot. They must engage with them in a lively manner. This was primarily about reading but apart from that, there are fun activities and tasks that the parent or teacher can indulge in, with the children, so that it helps them to build their vocabulary. Let us look at some of those activities.

Crossword Puzzles

When learning includes, fun and games! which child wouldn’t like it? To be solving interesting crossword puzzles with your children can be an amazing way to boost their brain and to get them to think and crack the answer. It can begin from an elementary level and the level of difficulty can be increased depending on the age and the interest of the child. This is all happening in a homely environment that is tension-free and hence the learning is remembered for a long time.

Word Games

Again, when it comes to games, another element that can be introduced to children and played with them is word games. Boggle & Scrabble are popular word games that can be played with children from a small age, and these are games that are so enticing that adults love them too. There is no limit to the amount of vocabulary that is amplified while playing these games. They freshen up the mind, instil a healthy competitive spirit and most importantly experience the joys of vocabulary.

Learning a New Language

The English language is widely used globally and your child isn’t unknown to it. Of course, if you’re in Dubai or in any other Emirate of the UAE or in another GCC country, your child is very likely to learn regional languages like Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Pashto, and more but apart from these, if you can get your child to learn a foreign language, it will be supremely beneficial for them to not only increase their vocabulary but knowledge, in general, that will help them further if they decide to later move out of the country to study or live abroad. So, languages like French, German, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Latin, Russian or Chinese, etc. can be very effective to mold their personalities. Here too, let them choose what they want to pick up as additional learning and you could either enroll them in a class or hire a foreign language coach whichever way the child is comfortable with.

Watching Drama and Engaging in it

The performing arts is a fabulous platform to increase one’s knowledge and eventually build vocabulary as well. Watch movies, plays, documentaries along with your children, and see how their interests flow. Academics is one aspect and the performing arts is another beautiful way to nurture your child in several areas such as elocutions, debates, poetry recitals, singing, dance, acting and so much more. Your child will figure their liking for something and will further engage with it and work on it. Building their vocabulary through drama is wonderful but overall, the children will go on to become achievers in life. Watching dramas in several languages will broaden their horizons.

Travel Far and Wide

Learning does begin at home, going beyond the classroom and the known environment that the child has been brought up in. Travel is undoubtedly the best teacher. We do urge families to go on holidays with their children and while travelling they learn so much that is beyond the walls of their home or classroom. They meet amazing people, get introduced to new cultures, notice different languages being spoken, wear local outfits, eat different food, thereby learning a great deal. Every journey is a new experience in itself. Expanding vocabulary is just a tiny part of indulging in soul-satisfying travels across the world. Give your children the gift of travel, near or far, wherever it may be, it will be immensely fruitful.

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