Integrating the Power of Technology in Kindergarten to Teach Preschoolers Names of Colors, Shapes, and Letters!

When children step into a Toddler environment at age 1.5 years their minds are like blank slates, with only limited information picked-up from conversations at home with parents. Stepping into a pre-school introduces children to a whole new world of learning. They observe, communicate, and learn to behave well in a social setting.

Tiny tots often replicate the adult’s actions and are very observant. Therefore, in a kindergarten setting, the teacher must be a role-model and adopt a disciplined way of action to inculcate the same values in the classroom.

Children’s brains are like sponges, they absorb information that is thrown at them with ease. Science has proven that maximum brain development that is 90% happens by 6 years of age. Therefore, to make them well-rounded individuals in the future, children need to get an exposure to numerous activities.

Parents encourage their children to participate in music, art, physical fitness, and dance, even before they start to master their ABC’s. Computer literacy is another skill that a kindergarten child is rapidly being exposed to. The world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and people are coming even closer, thanks to the use of the web.

The question is that, can you teach a 3-year-old child to connect with the fascinating world of technology and discover colors, numbers, vocabulary and shapes, from a tab?

Well, the answer is definitely an assertive. Parents are amazed at how quick their pre-schoolers learn to ‘click’ and ‘navigate’ on their path of self-discovery. Learning-by-doing themselves is a way of instilling confidence in youngsters and they get a sense of pride when they accomplish a task.

Technokids has a deep understanding of the learning capabilities of children and thereafter designed different training modules to teach them the basics in an interesting manner. To support the learning of numbers, colors, shapes, and letters, taught by the teacher in class, children are given the freedom to experiment and use their imagination to create meaningful projects on the TechnoKids app. Have a look at what each of the module focuses on.

Techno Colors

Dive into the world of color with Techno Colors and transform your kid into a budding artist. Techno Color teaches kids the following:

  • Color challenge: Using the drawing tool, children themselves draw patterns, sceneries and add their choice of color to it.
  • Shades of color: Matching shades of color needs children to identify and pair the appropriate color shades together.
  • Feeling color: Different colors are associated with emotions and when children choose a color it demonstrates what mood they are in.
  • A colorful day: Children add color to the bright morning skyline.
  • Colorful music: This is a unique activity where children listen to music and paint a picture on the melody of the sound.

Learning objective to kids by using Techno Color

  • Identifying different colors
  • Lean about the various shades
  • Use the mouse to click, drag, hold, and double click
  • Learn to draw with tools like pencil, marker tool, crayon, and chalk
  • Choose stickers, add sounds, and paste animations
  • Add text to the picture
  • Create artwork to express mood

Techno Numbers

Develop the knack of number recognition amongst your kids with Techno Numbers. Techno Numbers teaches kids the following:

  • Number challenge: Engaging number challenges that intrigue an interest in the child for learning math passionately.
  • Numerous numbers: Counting, tracing, and painting numbers helps the child practice, while having fun.
  • Big book of numbers: Avail the student number counting workbook along with the kit.
  • Stylish numbers: Children sort, count, and draw numbers in an artistic way, from one to ten.

Learning objective to kids by using Techno Number

  • Develops recognition of numbers from 1 to 10
  • Counting skills enhance
  • Children learn to locate number keys on keyboard
  • Creativity increases with drawing tool
  • Easily print the artwork to flaunt your child’s work

Techno Shapes

Children visit the computer lab and work on the Kid Pix tool by Techno Shapes to learn about the basic shapes and geometric patterns. Techno Shapes teaches kids the following:

  • Connecting Dots: Children join the dots in a sequential manner to make shapes.
  • Shape Design: Children experience a shape Art Show and display their creativity to replicate Geometric shapes.
  • Shape Detective: Put up the child’s thinking caps on as they are on a mission to detect various shapes.
  • Lovely Lines: Draw and paint lines with different curvatures to form artistic patterns.

Learning objective to kids by using Techno Shapes

  • Identify basic shapes
  • Select appropriate drawing and painting tool
  • Create a dot to dot design
  • Use patterns or stamp to draw geometric shapes

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