Go Paperless: Digitalizing the Admission Application Process

This pandemic has changed the entire way we used to function earlier. Especially, in the case of schools and colleges, everything is now being operated online. Even the admission processes have become digital!

Well, you are likely to be worried when it comes to following the admission procedure online because there can be hackers or fraudulent issues that can occur but you don’t have to worry if you conduct the admission process through a verified ERP software that will make your digital admission process like a cakewalk.

There are various benefits of having the admission process digit. All you need is a good internet connection, your data and ERP software to digitalize the admission process. Schools in the Middle East, including Dubai and GCC countries, have adopted the digital way of driving the admission process.

Well, here’s how digitalizing the admission process with the help of software will make your admission process better!

Faster Process

Those days when you had to stand in long queues just to wait for your turn to come to submit your admission form, exist no more! Yes, online admissions tend to be quicker than the traditional method of submitting hard copies. Your ID proof, address proof, etc. will all be checked online. The software is verified and can track if the information is correct or not.

Step-by-Step Guide

You don’t have to think that if the admission process is online, it might be complicated because that is certainly not the case. We are here to provide you with a step-by-step guide. For example, in case you get stuck somewhere while filling the admission form then you can go to the FAQ section. FAQs are the frequently asked questions and most people who ask some common questions there will be guided with the correct answer.

Storing Information effectively

The ERP software makes it better for you to store the information in the “draft” section. So, that way you won’t have to sit and type your personal information, academic information, work experience, etc. again and again. It will be stored and you can access it whenever you log in. There are also dropdown menus, responsive form fields and checkboxes in your digital application form.

Customizing your Application Design

You can customize your application just according to the way you want it to be. Don’t make it too experimental or fancy, but try to keep it simple. With the help of this ERP software, you can simply design and customize your application design according to the school’s requirements. This way, the administration team will notice your applications and you can design them according to the class you wish to opt for.

Submitting Documents Online

The hassle of carrying your documents or finding them from a mess of books, won’t be there anymore because with the ERP software you can attach them digitally. The software saves your documents and stores them. You just have to upload the documents according to your course requirements and other basic documents like your passports, transcripts, letter of recommendation, visa documents, etc.

Making the Payments Online

We can simply say, that you’re in safe hands with this one. Making payments online can seem a bit doubtful because sometimes hackers can track your account number and indulge in fraudulent practices with the money. However, the ERP software keeps your payment information secure. There are many options for students to process their payments through PayPal, credit cards and others. You can make the payment from any part of the country, whether you’re in UAE or India and it doesn’t make a huge difference.

Communication with Parents for the status of Application

Lastly, parents will get a response and an update regarding their child’s application. Parents can also get other school updates through e-mails, SMS or other social media apps. They can reach out to the school through SMS or e-mail, in case they face any issues during the digital admission process or any other questions.

Next Learning Platform can be your next go-to learning platform. They believe in redefining the admission process, anytime, anywhere by giving parents an eased experience, without any hassle.

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