Benefits of ERP based School Bus Transportation Management System

We live in the 21st century’s modernized era that has technology at its peak. Gone are the days where we to use to operate most of our daily tasks manually. Today it is the world of gadgets, apps, and software galore, and everything is accessed at a click of a button. It has become extremely helpful, super-fast, user-friendly and hassle-free.

In this digital age, practically everything is online, so schools could not be left behind. ‘ERP’ or ‘Enterprise Resource Planning is one such brilliant system in the current times. It is a software that benefits schools to efficiently oversee their day-to-day management such as admissions, students’ fees, student information and attendance, homework, examinations, staff recruitment, payroll management, employee information, library management, and many other school activities. There are schools in Dubai and in other parts of UAE as well as across other Middle East countries that have the ERP software for their day-to-day management functions.

School bus transportation management is yet another integral function of the ERP system. It is an effective tool that helps the school’s management, staff, teachers, parents to keep a track of the bus transport facility for the children. This system makes sure that each student who is traveling by the school-organized bus is safe and secure at all times. Much as we are advanced technologically, there are perils that come along with progress. Any mishap or an untoward incident could unfortunately happen anytime. So, to avoid or come out of any drastic situation, this tracking is done in real-time using GPS trackers. The parents and the authorities can thus remain peaceful and stress-free. The benefits of this system are mentioned as under.

Vehicle & Driver Details

The software maintains the complete record of the driver and the attendants of the school bus along with the registration details of the vehicle. All the important information is updated from time to time and is notified to the school authorities and the parents so they can keep a track of it. It also tracks whether the driver is following protocols with regards to the speed limits and other safety precautions that he is instructed to adhere to.


Along with every student a pickup and drop off place is registered. Moreover, the timings of both are notified to parents so that they can respond to the exact notification and be present at the correct time while leaving the children to the bus stop in the morning and while picking them up at the designated spot after school in the afternoon.

Student Updates

This system keeps an attendance record of every student from the minute they hop onto the bus, till the time they are dropped off at school. Once they reach school safely, the parent and the school authorities get notifications for the same. So, it is all well tracked that God forbid no student ever goes missing.

Route Change Alert

The driver is expected to maintain the particular route and pick up points for the children. Should the driver require to change the route due to any sudden reason be it a road diversion due to construction or traffic congestion then all authorities concerned with the children get the respective updates on their handy devices

Bus Change Alert

Apart from the route, if the entire vehicle is suddenly replaced and the students are made to shift into another bus on the way to school or while returning home, then all parties concerned would be alerted immediately. This situation could happen in case of a tyre puncture or any malfunction with the bus.

Bus Fees

The monetary aspect of fee collection is also managed through the ERP based bus transport system. Parents pay the relevant fees for their children travelling by the school bus. The school management can keep a track of the same and should there be late payment in fees by any parent, the same is sent by reminders to them so that the required amount could be paid off.

A centrally controlled software and all multiple authorities concerned are notified. Such is the amazing aspect of having an ERP based system. The ‘Next Learning Platform’ is one such system available for schools across most countries, including the GCC members in Middle East. It is a one-stop cloud-based integrated platform for a school’s administrative and academic processes. It creates a virtual school infrastructure supporting online, blended, investigative learning, and an efficient school bus management protocol to ensure utmost safety, which is the current need of the hour.

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