School ERP System to Enhance Staff Management

What does it take to run an educational institution? Besides the basic infrastructure, various amenities, and the technologically inclined learning aspects, the main drivers that make the school an ‘institute of imparting knowledge’ is its workforce or better known as the school’s employees.

At any primary or secondary institute, you should know that teachers and the Principal are not the only ones who run the show. There are a bunch of other support staff who equally contribute in keeping the light of education burning. There are administrative and finance personnel who are at the helm of affairs and act as a strong backbone for the foundation. Then there are peons, technicians, cooks, and other helping staff who run around to ensure that there is no interruption in functioning of the school’s daily agenda. And lastly there are education counsellors, librarians, examination officers, and other vocational faculty staff who add equal value to the child’s development.

That was quite and extensive list and you can imagine the amount of administrative efforts it would take to manage track records of all these school staff members. Maintaining individual folders with paperwork is quite cumbersome and chances of error or misplacement of documents are high.

Digital School Management Platform

ERP software have changed the way data is managed in schools. It acts as a tool that offers many advantages and reduces load on the administrative team. The Next Learning Platform is one such cloud-based tool that supports the school’s administrative and academic processes. Being a one-stop solution, this software is widely acceptable in Middle East countries and when integrated is capable of managing the entire school’s records in an organized manner. Efficient staff management is one of its features and the double-layer encrypted security ensures that data privacy is not compromised upon. Let’s have a look at the magnanimous possibilities of exploring the viability of using an ERP solution for administrative activities:

Data Management

When any employee or staff is hired into a school, they are asked to fill forms and submit verification documents. Digitalizing this process would mean asking the onboarding staff to fill forms online along with their digital signatures and send scanned copies of important documents. Can you imagine how much time & effort could be saved by moving the process online! When a staff leaves the data can be archived and removed from the existing staff member’s list almost instantly. Taking advantage of the ease, a number of -12 schools in Dubai have opted for The Next Learning Platform and integrated it into their daily operations.

Leave Management

The leave structure for school staff members holding different roles could be dissimilar. An assistant trainee teacher may not be eligible for as many leaves as the head teacher gets. Similarly, the admin staff get a shorter Summer break than the educators. Even the leave approval process has to pass from junior to senior hierarchy levels and then finally ‘accepted’ by the Principal or the Centre Head. The ERP tool streamlines this entire leave process and makes it easy for everyone within the institution to apply for leaves via their profiles on the digital staff portal and get it approved by their head staff.

Payroll Management

Having to calculate every school staff’s salary can consume days on end. Salary is linked not only to the number of days the staff was present in school, but also whether the person was on time. Then there are certain allocated leaves that are not deducted from salary, while others may lead to a pay cut. An ERP system is designed to collate, calculate, and arrive at a figure which is accurately computed by the system. The Next Learning Platform’s Payroll Management system is customizable and education institutes in the GCC countries like UAE and Kuwait are already reaping benefits from it.

Task Management

Often staff members have internal meetings to discuss their strategies of curriculum planning and assign timelines to ensure the assigned syllabus is taught to children. ERP systems help to check the status of tasks assigned and ensure all the stakeholders are in loop rather than wasting time conducting countless catch-up meetings. ERP systems indeed makes your job easy!

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