How Kai’s Clan is Transforming AR & VR experience in Classrooms to Enhance Learning

Kai’s Clan deals with adventures in the way coding is taught to children through cloud-based collaborative programming and robotics environment. They believe in making coding a fun experience by using AR and VR features to create an interactive environment. Imaging how amazing it would be to be able to do whatever you wish to! Maybe you desire to have superpowers or reach the planet Jupiter in a jiffy. Well it’s not practically possible, but Kai’s Clan makes it happen, at least in a Virtual game-like setting. Kai’s Clan creates a world where the reality world merges with the virtual world to become an interactive playground for students. Their goal has been to develop and nurture an interest in coding amongst children with the help of AR and VR platforms.

The terms AR and VR might sound very new to you or you might have come across these terms but don’t know exactly what they mean, right? If yes, then don’t worry because this blog will help you understand AR and VR in detail.

AR and VR Explained

AR stands for Augmented Reality. It is an amplified version of the real world and can be achieved through the use of digital visual elements & surround sounds. It has been an ongoing trend and Kai’s Clan takes this concept a notch higher. Dubai in the UAE has always been technologically ahead of its time and the VR Park within the Dubai Mall is quite an attraction for visitors and locals alike.

VR stands for Virtual Reality. It is a simulated experience that can give the users a real world like experience or a completely out-of-Earth experience, depending on what the user chooses. A person can interact within an artificial three-dimensional environment by using electronic devices, special goggles or gloves fitted with sensors in them.

Kai's Clan

More About Kai’s Clan

Kai’s Clan is a great platform for students to experience AR and VR phenomena from the boundaries of their classrooms. According to one of the teachers, AR experience made her feel like she was in a factory and actually doing something rather than just coding. Now AR and VR classrooms help in manipulating each other’s world in a virtual setting and open-up a new dimension for learning and collaboration. Here’s a bit more on the aspects that Kai’s Clan focuses on:

Built-in Classrooms

Kai’s Clan has a built-in classroom management system to allocate robots to students. The classrooms give an authentic and engaging learning experience to the students. Students are likely to love such an experience because it gives a feeling of the classroom being real even if it’s virtual. That means if your leaners were at home during the pandemic, they can still continue to work on their group projects with their classmates who are also based out of different locations. How cool is it to be able to work your very own classroom environment and interact with your classmates, without actually being physically close to each other! Kai’s Clan has managed to dissolve all Geographic barriers and encouraged say an enthusiastic coder from Bahrain in the GCC to interact with a young coder in Chicago and exchange their learnings.

Multiplayer Collaborative

Coding Students can use coordinates and sensor data from other robots in their own code. Kai’s Clan believes that coding shouldn’t be a solo activity and students should learn how to collaborate while learning to code. This can also help students improve their interaction skills and make them more confident team-players.

Creative & Interactive Environment

Virtual reality experience by Kai’s Clan is simply not just a trip to Mars or some ancient village but in this case, students can code their robots to move around on the AR & VR adventure mat and enjoy it as if it’s real. Students’ robots are represented like an avatar, depending on their role and each avatar can bring in their share of creativity to the coding project.

All of these features can make learning so much fun, don’t you think? So, next time students won’t look for excuses to miss a coding class because they would want to attend their class and live in the Virtual world. Thanks to Kai’s Clan!

Kai’s Clan has various products available for education institutions in the Middle East. Some of them are; Kai’s Clan classroom pack (12 pack), Kai’s Clan Start Pack (4 pack) and Kai’s Clan Booster Bots (4 pack).

Kai’s Clan even has a group of certified teachers who help in personal development and training the students. All you need to do is sign up for the class. They teach everything from basics to intermediate level.

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