Online Assessments are the Future of the Education System

We have all noticed the gradual switch from traditional to digital. Especially, after the pandemic, everyone has got a hang of working, studying and getting the latest updates of news and entertainment online.

Schools and teachers have also managed to teach children online through their websites. It has become easy and efficient for educators to go through every student’s record personally by referring to digital records. There is a weekly and monthly report with feedbacks sent by the teachers to parents to evaluate the student’s learning journey. In advanced countries like Dubai in the Middle East and many other countries across the world, schools have adopted to the online assessment system by moving from paper and pen examinations.

This makes it easy for children to attempt their assessments from home and gives the educator access to their worksheets. The digital scoring helps parents and teachers to analyze if the student is doing great or requires any improvement on certain topics. Online assessments are considered to be the future of education because they make learning easier by driving proper feedbacks in a timely manner, rather than waiting for the parents to come to school and then discuss their child’s performance. Timely scoring leads to timely feedback and immediate amendments can be brough to the teaching-learning process. Here are some advantages of online assessments that have been endorsed by schools in most tech-savvy countries including the UAE.

Clearing Doubts

Many students often tend to have doubts and the online assessment has made it easier for educators to resolve these doubts almost immediately. When the child is attempting to appear for the ‘online assessment’ and they get stuck at a particular topic, they can quickly approach their teacher and get the doubts cleared. Also, once the assessments are evaluated, children get an e-copy of their corrected assessments with detailed remarks mentioned by the teacher. Children & parents can easily open the remarks window and check where the child has faltered and then work towards improving their knowledge about the topic.

Customizing Assessments

Every child learns at his own pace and so it makes sense to have a mechanism by the school of allocating a different set of assessment questions, depending on the child’s capabilities. There are slow learners or students who have learning difficulties and they would get intimidated by the assessment if the level of difficulty is too high. So online assessments can be easily customized to match the child’s learning potential.

Online Meeting with Parents

If the student is not able to focus in the e-class, then teachers can simply conduct an online meeting with their parents and discuss the issue. Parents will then be able to understand what they need to do on their part to help their children.

Proper Evaluation

Now that teachers have started using online apps to evaluate and store every student’s performance, they can easily evaluate the child’s learning graph and suggest parents to be more involved in the child’s learning journey or maybe get their child enrolled into effective e-learning support platforms.

Environment Friendly Mechanism

You would agree that every small step goes a long way in making our planet a better place to live in. Instilling a sense of environment consciousness amongst children at an early age teaches them to be more responsible green heroes of tomorrow! Saving the unnecessary usage of paper, ink, and other resources that are harmful for the environment can be eliminated by going digital & having the assessments online instead. Bahrain which is amongst the member GCC countries, is constantly promoting environmental-friendly purchases and creating awareness to opt for electric cars, as also, eco-friendly goods and homes.

Markezy is a powerful, innovative digital platform that enhances the education experience by bringing valuable technology for student assessments. The tools help not only in evaluating but also in analyzing how students perform. Markezy allows students, parents, and educators to notice knowledge gaps, provide quick feedback and achieve the best outcome.

You can now utilize the latest technology to streamline and improve your grading system. Thanks to Markezy! It also offers you the flexibility to accommodate a range of teaching and learning styles. You’ll find that advanced analytic tools by Markezy will help you make the best data-based decisions for students. The amazing part about this tool is that you can use it anytime and anywhere. You get access to over 94,000 standard-based items from Certica’s Navigate Item base. The major benefits are improved learning and quick feedback!

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