The 5E Principal of NLP

Education over the years has evolved with times, and with technology. We currently are in such a transition stage for education across the globe. With the current state the world is in, an evolution of sorts is expected with education. And tech-based learning has been at the centre of this massive overhaul of systems. Only in a short duration of its existence, tech-based learning has shown us that it holds limitless possibilities for education and information at whole. Swiftly being adopted by urban landscapes such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi from UAE and the other countries in the Middle East, tech-based learning has not only shown promise but also delivered results.

Next Education created the Next Learning Platform with the perfect blend of technology with superior pedagogy and content. Having started in 2007, Next Education has cracked the perfect approach to tech-based learning, encapsulated in the 5E Principals:


Engaging the learner is the first pillar of the 5 E approach. A learning platform that engages, is a learning platform that is effective. Research even suggests that learners that have higher engagement in the learning activity have a greater degree of attention and focus and are even highly motivated to learn the subject matter. Learning that involves engagement to the personal level of the learner even helps them have a meaningful learning experience. E-learning is able to create this higher degree of engagement with interactive media and communication that the students follow through and learn from while doing all of it on their own.


Diving deep is the only way anyone can learn in detail about any subject matter. Really exploring the concepts and topics is possible if the content is created in a flow that the learner finds appealing and interesting. The medium is also of great importance, since dynamic mediums have a simpler and straightforward user experience. The Technology with which E-Learning has advanced, allows for students to easily access and learn from the in-depth information available to them. Multiple skill sets are developed by learners in their efforts of exploration, apart from the actual topic and concept. Identifying and development of these skills takes place simultaneously as the learning progresses.


“Teaching is the best way to learn”, similarly, the Next Learning Platform allows for the learners to explain the concepts to any degree that they have understood it. This enables a round of critical thinking to take place, where the learner themself reassess their complete learning and the results of it. This ability to verbalise the concepts and bring their original ideas to life, give their learning a completely new dimension. Demonstrating these newly acquired skills and behaviours bring the student confidence in their knowledge of the subject matter, further increasing their likelihood to learn and pursue details of the subject.


Having a broader understanding of the subject is what brings out the actual and application of subjects. The Elaborate pillar in the 5E approach is all about building that broader understanding of concepts at large by either obtaining more information, or by refining the already developed skills. Elaboration in learning also represents forming a complete understanding of interlinked concepts and subjects. This forms the crosslinked information a learner can use and apply in their lives. Understanding the subjects in an elaborate manner also equips the learner with a broader sense around the usability of the concepts and skills learnt by them, creating a more wholesome learning experience.


Assessment and evaluation of learnt subjects is just as important as learning the subject itself. It helps gauge the level of understanding of the learner and in turn is a great tool in realigning learning approaches and methods, to focus on a tangible result for the learner. Evaluating is made seamless with the Next Learning Platform, as it helps understand the abilities of the learner and guides how they can be used appropriately for a better understanding and concrete learning.

The Next Learning Platform with these 5 pillars builds a holistic approach to the learning of the student, where it is not just about information processing, but about the actual growth of the learner through various subjects and experiences. This makes the Next Learning Platform a truly valuable contribution to the student and their overall learning and understanding of the world.

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