Carolina Kits 3D Flex Biology Program: Group Behavior and Social Insects

Technology has changed the way students learn. And with the current global situations it has been a growing challenge to teach students with the same effectiveness in remote learning. Carolina Kits, keeping this in mind introduced the idea of the 3D Flex Biology Program. The program operates on the idea that all learning requires a practical experience. Providing this practical experience for learning biology is where the program comes in.


What is the program kit for?

The program is designed for students to be able to learn biological sciences practically while being remotely located. This enables the best form of learning right inside the homes of the students. Giving them an edge in the concepts and ideas they learn through the program. The program also creates a great opportunity for the students to learn practically, as opposed to theoretical learning.

What is included in the program kit?

The kit includes a number of components required to study the group behaviour of social insects. The insects themselves are part of the kit and are shipped to the student’s location. Other tools and articles are included to aid the practical learning experience. The 1-year subscription of the Carolina Kits online resources is what helps the student drive their study of the insects. The resources along with the student guide serve as an instruction manual for the student to follow and learn practically from.


Features of the Carolina Kit 3D Flex Program

  • The individual student kits come with a year-long worth study material that is used to guide the student’s learning experience, while recreating learning in the lab. Since all documentation and information stays digital, it is greatly beneficial to the students learning remotely.
  • The box includes all the tools and information required to learn the biology concepts, which is why no additional tool or equipment is required apart from the packaged box shipped to the student.

Benefits of the Carolina Kit 3D Flex Program

The kit creates an authentic lab experience for students even in a time where they are remotely learning complex concepts. This allows for a rather wholesome learning journey for the student, rich with valuable knowledge. The program also enables the learner to have a consistent enriching experience as compared to their school learning. Flexibility is also introduced in the learning as students can hold a greater degree of control over how and when they learn the concepts. The kit also makes sure everyone has a similar learning experience even when they are separated by remote learning.


Why learn practically at all?

In a time where regular learning structures are already compromised one does tend to think that learning practically may not be essential. But this could not be further from the truth! We learn a great deal of things by doing them and taking that away from the learning experience is like taking the learning away. The remote learning practical kits enable students to learn at their highest efficiency without any compromise in quality of learning and knowledge. Learning practically also brings a great deal of fun into the learning experience, which is quite necessary when teaching young students.

Learning practically for students turns out to be a great catalyst in promoting critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning, all of which are highly valued soft skills the students would need as adults.

Over and above the learning of the student by practical means enables a greater degree of retention in the information, i.e., the student learns, understands and remembers better by learning anything practically. The learning of biology through home kits have taken quite a popularity in regions of Middle East, UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi etc., where technology is being introduced to supplement the learning that happens remotely.

The Group Behaviour and Social Insects’ program by Carolina Kits acts as the perfect supplement for laboratory learning for students. By creating a unique experience, the program aims to close the gap created by remote learning by making learning fun, productive and truly valuable.

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