Sharpen Your Child’s Spelling Skills

Have you noticed a problem in the way your child spells a certain word? Is it a pattern that you have come across often but aren’t aware of how to deal with it? Is your child struggling with getting the spelling correct? Are you afraid that your child will not be able to cope up with other students in terms of his or her spelling skills?

Well, if your answer is a ‘yes’ then don’t panic as we are here to share some tips with you that’ll help your child to spell the words correctly. These are some basic tips that you can try out at your home itself.

You don’t need to be a professional in any particular field. Just be consistent and don’t forget to stay patient with your child. Everyone takes their own time in learning. Children are at a stage where they are adapting and trying to learn new skills every day as they are at a stage where their memory starts developing. Here are a few steps that you can follow to sharpen your child’s spelling skills!

Play Spell-O-Right

Make it like a fun game of interaction between you and your child. In this game, you can write some words and ask your child to spell them. If they are able to spell correctly then they get a star & if they spell incorrectly then they’ve to practice more. This will make you understand if your child is able to spell the words properly.

Say It Out Loud

If you notice that your child is not being able to speak a particular word or some words correctly, then you should ask them to repeat after you. You need to say it out loud with proper pronunciation and make them repeat it again and again until they get it right. Kutubee’s read along feature is an excellent option to be introduced to your child. The app is well recognized and used widely in the UAE.

Make Puzzles

You can make it fun by adding some excitement to it! Yes, that’s definitely possible! You can create puzzles with some letters and ask your child to align the letters, make a word and spell it out loud. This will help your child in also understanding the formation of a word and increase their thinking skills.

Find the Error

Purposely write wrong spellings and check if your child is able to notice the error. If not, then ask them to find an error in that particular word this will sharpen their spelling skills & they will also be able to avoid spelling errors easily from next time onwards.

Five Word Rule

Every day ask your child to spell five new words this will not just improve their spellings but also make their vocabulary better by learning new words often. Reward them or make 2 stars on their book, this makes the child feel like they’ve achieved something great and encourages them to do better.

Clear their Doubts

Keep a doubt clearing session with your child. If they have any doubts regarding a particular spelling then they can get it cleared by asking you. If they can’t spell the word correctly at their first attempt itself then don’t be hard on them. Spell it slowly and ask them to repeat it five times. We often remember what we keep hearing or repeating, so this one is a great strategy to put into action.

Choose the Correct One

You can quickly write down three spellings of the same word and ask your child to select the one with the correct spelling. At first, they might get a little confused but they will be able to select the correct spelling in no time.

Apart from following these steps, you’ve to make sure you encourage your child and not discourage them even when they’re wrong. Tell them they will get there and boost their confidence.

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